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4 Reasons to Go Paperless in 2022

For many business owners, while the concept of going “paperless” may seem like a good idea, the thought of actually putting that theory into action can seem downright overwhelming. Besides, is there really a benefit to doing so, other than being more eco-friendly? The answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes.’ More importantly, transitioning to a paperless business model isn’t nearly as complicated as you may think. If you’re still on the fence, here are four reasons 2022 should be the year you officially pull the trigger.

It will save you money.

If you sit down and calculate how much money your business spends every year on things like copy paper, equipment, maintenance and storage, it’ll become abundantly clear just how much of a financial impact going paperless can potentially have on your bottom line. By shifting from physical to electronic files, you’ll eliminate these expenses. That’s a potential savings of tens of thousands of dollars each and every year.

It will improve document tracking.

Ever have to delay a meeting because you couldn’t track down an important file? Or worse – ever had an issue where you faced a deficit because the books didn’t add up? These are common things that plague paper-based businesses. To the contrary, in a cloud-based office, every piece of information you need can be instantly accessed at the click of a button. Furthermore, when manual accounting is transitioned to an automated, electronic system, accuracy skyrockets. Need a custom report? That’s doable too, and in mere seconds to boot.

It will enhance communication.

Good tenant communication is at the heart of any successful property management business. But relying on antiquated methods, such as snail mail, to get your information out is a strategy that is wrought with error. Not only does it take longer, but there’s also the risk of information becoming lost altogether. Compare this to a paperless system that uses electronic communication that can not only deliver and disseminate information instantaneously, but also maintain records for tracking purposes. Suddenly, keeping tenants informed is fast, efficient and stress-free.

It will provide tremendous freedom.

Gone are the days when property managers had to spend hours in an office, chained to a desk. On top of this, trying to fit in all the other activities, like showing properties and doing inspections, the days could seem never-ending. With a paperless system, you can work from anywhere. Access everything you need right from your smartphone, tablet or laptop and break the chains of physical office work once and for all. Best of all, you can start getting home at a decent time for a change.

If all of these things sound amazing – and they should – but you’re still feeling intimidated by the thought of actually transitioning to a paperless environment, we’ve got one more piece of good news for you. It’s as easy as selecting the right software solution. That’s right – you can achieve every single one of the benefits listed above just by adopting property management software.

Want to learn more? Get in touch today and let us show you how INFO-tracker can provide the freedom and savings you need to make 2022 your most profitable year yet.

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