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3 Ways to Curb Parking Incidents

denisse-leon-4zLCnbePSys-unsplash-2The importance of meticulously managed parking lots can’t be overlooked. In many large cities across North America there is a demand for parking that isn’t easily being met which can lead to tensions with first come first serve parking systems. In properties like condos, that have central parking garages, it’s beneficial to take precautions to avoid potential incidents as much as possible by creating a strategical parking system.

The challenge is to create a functional parking environment that follows strict guidelines without isolating any members of the community. Consequences for parking infractions, like having a car towed, will not improve community relationships and can even go as far as creating potential altercations.

Assign Parking Sports

The best way to eliminate parking incidents is to implement an organized system. Number parking spots and assign them to owners and tenants fairly on a first come, first serve basis. In your records include the owner, tenant, or resident’s name, their unit number, a description of the vehicle, and their license plate. As owners buy new cars encourage them to inform you right away, this will ensure a complete and reliable database. Allocate parking spots immediately, when everyone knows where they’re going to park, it decreases the possibility of anyone fighting over a parking spot. Assigned spots also give property managers a list of potential witnesses in case a parking incident is reported.  

Monitor Visitors

Once you have a strong parking system for the people who reside at your property, you should also introduce a system to manage visitor parking. A simple parking sign that indicates “visitor parking only” has not proven to effectively stop potential parking challenges.

A functional visitor parking system should work cohesively with the resident parking system. Have owners request visitor parking, in their request they should include the duration of the stay, the license plate number and description of the vehicle. Property managers should also use numbered assign parking to visitors for clarity and organization. Property managers can do this quickly and efficiently by leveraging an online property management software where requests can be submitted and approved as soon as possible.

Surveillance and Security

Incidents in parking lots can be reduced by installing CCTV cameras, which are essentially cameras for video surveillance. CCTV cameras are rated a top deterrent for unwanted behavior. Camera warning signs also have their own deterring effect for an added layer of security.

To increase the effectiveness of video surveillance, a security team can be used in addition to cameras.  Depending on the size of your property, you can hire security just to monitor parking lots, but it may be more cost effective to enlist security for the entire property. A security team can monitor cameras and physically patrol the property grounds including your parking lot.

Managing parking risk, employing security personnel, and installing CCTV cameras not only prevent incidents in your parking lots, it also enhances a sense of security and comfort within your community.


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