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Would Your Property Management Company Benefit from Mobile CRM?

Netintegrity - CRM for Property ManagersMobile CRM (customer relationship management) technology is a platform that enables frontline staff to conveniently access CRM software and functionality from any internet-enabled mobile device from smartphones to tablets. The CRM market has experienced unprecedent growth globally, by 2023 Satista projects the CRM software market to grow $40.26 billion USD. Mobile CRM allows remote workers to interact with customer and prospect data to execute from marketing and sales to customer support.


According to a 2014 Nucleus Research report, CRM offers a significant return on investment. For every dollar spent on CRM software, companies earned $8.71. The same report noted that organizations which used mobile CRM achieved 65% of their sales quotas which only 22% of companies using web-based CRM platforms were able to reach those quotas.

Customer Service

Research conducted by Forrester shows that 50% of teams that implemented mobile CRM technology increased their productivity. Organizations that experience a boost in productivity by leveraging a mobile CRM are able to effectively serve customers with greater efficiency. Faster turnaround times on customer inquiries and requests directly result in greater customer satisfaction and enhances reliability in the eyes of customers.

Employee Engagement

Mobile CRM offers frontline staff a unified user experience of software so property managers can easily go from emails to phone calls to the functionality of their app. The use of a mobile CRM eliminates facilitates action for your team and alleviates stress by providing ease accessibility to information and channels for easy communication to customers and colleagues in other departments. The Aberdeen Group Benchmark Report found that companies leveraging a mobile CRM  platform experience 36% lower sales representative turnover rates. Mobile CRM adapts better to the individual needs and personal lives of employees in addition to enhancing responsiveness to on-site needs and emergencies that inevitably occur.

Business Continuity

Mobile CRM can be implemented as a contingency to prepare for disruption because it enables employees to access customers and prospects with minimal effort or resources. Access to CRM from a smartphone or tablet allows teams to mobilize faster when they must adapt to unprecedented events. According to Pew Research from 2019, 81% of Americans own a smartphone and the average North American home has 7 active devices connected to the internet. North Americans have great access to devices on average which makes them a convenient contingency for organizations in the case of power failures, storms, pandemics, or any other event that ceases business as usual.

Mobile CRM not only prioritizes customer needs but accounts for employees and organizations as a whole. By implementing mobile CRM system property management companies are equipping their teams with the advantage of mobility.

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