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The INFO-Tracker free industry-specific webinars demonstrate benefits of impact on your organizational bottom line by turning processes at present requiring hours, days, weeks and months into seconds and very most minutes. Your time is valuable and we are committed to making your time a well spent investment.

All INFO-Tracker webinars are conducted by seasoned product specialists with extensive expertise and many years of experience in property management and accounting. They understand challenges facing property managers and have field expertise in assisting users like you with achieving maximum productivity gain through the use of technology. During this no obligation webinar our product specialist will demonstrate how by virtually overnight you can streamline internal operations, improve inter office communications, reduce stress on staff and take customer service and customer satisfaction to a totally different level. Spend a few moments with us and see for yourself how INFO-Tracker can make the world of difference for you and your team.

INFO-Tracker is not just a property management software solution, it is a bi-product of collaboration between Netintegrity and the industry experts for almost 20 years. Please don’t take our word for it. We all know, a picture is worth 1,000 words and INFO-Tracker speaks for itself. Select a webinar of interest you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We are that confident, what are you waiting for? Put us to the test!

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Rental and 3rd Party Management

This webinar is geared to management companies who offer services on behalf of unit owners and have to collect and then refund rent back to them on monthly basis. During this webinar you will be shown how system will automatically calculate, process and post management fees, refunds to owners, and any other miscellaneous charges for ALL properties with a click of a button. Other functions discussed will include Electronic Payments/Banking, Non-Resident Tax Processing, Producing Owner Income Statements and most advanced automated reporting which automatically generates Arrears Letters with or without the details to tenants.

To register please click here or you can contact us via email or by telephone at 1-800-231-5162.

Condominium and HOA Management

For management companies specializing in the management of Condominium Corporations and HOA’s INFO-Tracker is a must have. With many tools designed to automate the management processes while maintaining controls and reporting, during this webinar users will be demonstrated how INFO-Tracker will provide instant reporting for board members while maintaining controls and data integrity by eliminating the need for manual calculations. From Condominium Fees and Special Assessments to Violation Processing, INFO-Tracker is your invaluable management tool.

To register please click here or you can contact us via email or by telephone at 1-800-231-5162.

Commercial Property Management

INFO-Tracker Commercial Property Management webinar designed for managers of commercial, office, retail and industrial portfolios and demonstrates how you can access real-time business intelligence; create an environment enabling effective and demand-responsive operational decision-making. Learn how you can take advantage of industry specific set of tools, allowing for the timely execution of critical tasks and timely responsiveness to customer inquiries. As a result, there is less time spent searching and gathering for information, higher level of productivity and greater level of accountability.

To register please click here or you can contact us via email or by telephone at 1-800-231-5162.

Non-Profit and Affordable Housing

Discover stress free, simple to perform rent calculation option which will eliminate data duplication, subsidy calculation errors and will drastically reduce time required to calculate, verify and report on subsidies. The INFO-Tracker non-profit module is designed to offer state by state/provide by province as well as federal subsidy calculations and submission. You need to see it to believe it! Sign up now.

To register please click here or you can contact us via email or by telephone at 1-800-231-5162.

Ways to achieve Maximum productivity gain through the use of Technology!

This workshop is designed for customers managing multiple corporations who are looking for ways to create efficiencies and reduce time required to perform daily, weekly and monthly business tasks. During this workshop, you will see how Netintegrity’s “ALL” process will simplify daily operations by reducing your processing time from hours, weeks and months to minutes and often seconds. Prior to the webinar, we recommend you prepare a list of tasks you would like to see automated in your organization. The INFO-Tracker product specialist will be happy to demonstrate in real live environment how automated functions in INFO-Tracker will benefit you.

To register please click here or you can contact us via email or by telephone at 1-800-231-5162.

The Power of Automation in Integrated Environment

This webinar’s focus is on how you can eliminate third party software’s, spreadsheets and other tools which were adapted over the years. See for yourself how your organizational information will become a knowledgebase for your organization and how by using INFO-Tracker, users will no longer need to ask: who, where, when and how. See firsthand how information related to your customers is instantly shared amongst authorized staff as well as customers.

To register please click here or you can contact us via email or by telephone at 1-800-231-5162.

Discover what INFO-Tracker Portal can do for your business

View for yourself how INFO-Tracker Portal will enable you to set yourself apart from competition by delivering to your customers always accurate real time information with unparallel set of convenient tools and reporting.

To register please click here or you can contact us via email or by telephone at 1-800-231-5162.

Custom Webinars

Whether you are not able to join one of our ongoing webinars or should you wish to have a customer tailored overview of how INFO-Tracker will benefit you, we want to hear from you and will be happy to review and accommodate your request.

To register please click here or you can contact us via email or by telephone at 1-800-231-5162.

Plus Many More Reasons to attend…

Your 30 minutes invested into INFO-Tracker webinar will be the best investment made, we guarantee it! Over the years we’ve learned directly from many users how INFO-Tracker dramatically impacted their business. Discover how you can:

  • Streamline business processes
  • Lower your operating costs
  • Improve margins on existing business
  • Manage more with same resources
  • Reduce staff stress and empower them with tools they need
  • Improve Services and Delivery
  • Introduce new billable services
  • Deliver real-time access on demand from anywhere at anytime

Not only will you have the opportunity to learn about INFO-Tracker and it’s functions which often are not available with competitive products, but most importantly you will have the opportunity to recognize how you can automate business processes and functions achieving more with same or less.

Based on past webinars we are happy to share with you that 99.95% of respondents told us that time spent with us was “well-worth their time”.


  • It’s an online WebEx session that lasts about 45 minutes (with as much time as is needed for Q&A). You will need to be behind a computer (DSL or better preferred) and have access to a telephone.
  • It is not a boring PowerPoint presentation and instead, it is industry specific fast-paced hands-on demonstration of many business processes your organization performs on a daily basis.
  • It includes valuable information introducing new services and offerings you can seamlessly roll out to your customers with INFO-Tracker.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY this is your opportunity to identify where and how your organization can reduce costs, improve productivity and increasing profitability.

If you are unable to attend or would prefer a personal demonstration please contact the INFO-Tracker team at: marketing@netintegrity.net or by phone (800)231-5162.