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Using Technology to Maximize Performance and Experience

Using Technology to Maximize Performance and ExperienceDisjointed experiences, difficult-to-manage technology and choppy, outdated processes impact more than just your in-house property management team. The delays, frustrations and bottlenecks they cause can also impact client satisfaction rates, which will ultimately affect your company’s bottom line. Identifying these performance inhibitors and implementing necessary workflow changes can help to skyrocket productivity, and technology can play a pivotal role. Here’s how.

Challenge: Inconsistency in Customer Experience

Most people recognize the importance of business process standardization, yet far too few actually create and adhere to protocols. Without adequate business standards, however, not only do internal operations become inefficient and disjointed, but that inconsistency will also trickle down to the customer level as well. Unpredictable service leads to distrust and can ultimately cost you clients in the long run.

Solution: Smart Workflow Automation

Where humans are prone to inconsistency, machines are not, which is why automated workflows are so valuable. Leveraging property management automation creates standardized, predictable practices that keep employees on task and ensure that deadlines are met. As a result, workers are more efficient and productive, management maintains greater visibility into performance and customers become more confident in the company. 

Challenge: Training and Managing Disbursed Teams

Bringing new employees on board can be costly and challenging, particularly when the team is disbursed across multiple different departments, regions and portfolios. In these situations, it’s not realistic to bring everyone together for one group training session – especially if your property management company tends to update policies and procedures frequently. Likewise, once everyone is on-boarded, managing performance can still be difficult.

Solution: Centralized digital dashboard for remote workers.

Utilizing technology like a robust property management software platform can streamline communication and collaboration across disparate teams. When everyone is able to access the information they need when and where they need it from one centralized digital dashboard, workflows are optimized, productivity skyrockets and customer experience is maximized.

Equipping Your Property Management Team for Success

A high performing team sparks innovation and drives growth. Technology can help business leaders maintain a more holistic overview of employees, enabling them to identify lower-performing team members so they can provide the necessary training and support. Managers who leverage technological solutions to support employees will achieve great results, including:

  • Ability to proactively recruit and retain top talent
  • Enhanced performance and efficiency
  • Development of better skills and knowledge for optimal performance
  • Ability to provide valuable individual feedback and coaching
  • Continuous expansion of competencies for growth, both personal and professional

There’s no question. Today’s property management companies need smart, automation-driven technology to maximize team performance, improve retention rates and increase growth potential. Netintegrity Info-Tracker enables property managers to automate time-consuming tasks, access real-time data to make faster, more informed decisions, and deliver a consistent, exceptional client experience. Request an online demo to see it in action.

Attracting and Retaining Talent to Grow Your Property Management Company

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