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Do I Need Property Management Software? Key Questions to Ask

Online Knowledge Base: Best Practices

Offering an online knowledge base is a helpful in creating a complete and effective customer service strategy. 89% of customers expect companies to offer a

8 Advantages of Offering Self Service Tools

Offering customers self-service capabilities is becoming an increasingly important element of the customer service toolkit. Whether it is in the form of an online knowledge

The Financial Impact of Digitization

There is a lot of talk in the business world about digitization, but many businesses don’t feel inclined to switch from the comfort of paper

3 Ways to Find Leads Online

Establishing strong online marketing strategies gives property management companies steady access to leads. Online marketing is ideal for lead generation because it’s low maintenance and

A property owner uses a property management solution to view data.

3 Reasons Owners Want a Property Management Portal

Owner portals extend property managers’ ability to serve customers beyond business hours. According to an ApartmentRatings and StatisFacts report, the importance of property management portals