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Tips for Crafting Creative Property Management AdWords Copy

Tips-for-crafting-creative-adwords-copy.jpgOne of the most effective tools for online marketing today is Google AdWords. This type of paid advertising can help get your property management company more exposure and subsequently more business – but only if the ads you’re writing are compelling enough to get people to click.

If you’re looking for some new and creative ideas for developing powerful AdWords copy that will not only catch the eye of your target audience, but will convert those leads into paying customers, here are a few tips to get you started.

Showcase your best assets.

What makes your property management company different from all the others in the area? Why should those looking for your services choose you over your competition? By identifying your strengths and unique value proposition you’ll know what to showcase in your Google AdWords copy.

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Use the right keywords.

And not just the ones you want your ads to display for. Negative keywords are equally important because they help automatically weed out those who are not likely to convert, thereby saving you money. For instance, if your portfolio does not include condos, you might include that as a negative keyword to prevent your ads from showing up when someone searches “condo property management.”

Tell them what to do.

Don’t just assume your prospects will do what you want them to do. Tell them. Use strong calls to action in your AdWords copy – preferably words that trigger an emotional response, such as desire or fear. Be creative and do some A/B testing to see what types of copy tend to generate the best response.

Make it time sensitive.

Another powerful way to compel your audience to take action is to make them feel as though they’ll miss out if they don’t act right away. This plays on basic human nature and it’s incredibly effective. Try making some of your ads time-sensitive by using words and phrases, like: “act now,” “limited time only,” or, “hurry!”

Be specific.

It might be somewhat surprising, but research has proven that people tend to respond better to ads that are specific, namely those that contain numbers. Being honest about pricing right in an ad may seem like a bad idea, but in reality it will save you by weeding out those who aren’t likely to convert. Those who do click will already be more likely to buy, so it’s actually a win-win.

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Make it personal.

People don’t want to hear about your company. They want to hear about how your services can benefit them. Avoid words like ‘we’ and ‘us’ and opt instead for the word that will help you better connect with your prospects: ‘you.’

And, of course, as mentioned in one of the suggestions above, the key to a successful AdWords campaign is a commitment to ongoing testing. By trying out different ads and measuring their performance, you’ll be much better able to hone your strategy so that it continues to get you the results you’re after.


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