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Tips for Attracting Better Tenants

Tips for Attracting Better Tenants[48]

Having a difficult time finding long-term, reliable tenants and enticing them to rent your vacant rental properties? It’s important to screen applicants well, but you have to attract their interest first, which can be really challenging. Many property managers overlook some very basic yet highly effective strategies for making their units more appealing to prospective tenants. The expert tips below should help.

Modernize your kitchen.

Home owners and renters alike list the kitchen as one of the most important factors when choosing a place to live. If there’s one area of your properties that you should invest in, make it this one. Don’t have a big budget to work with? No problem. Focus on small but impactful changes, like a new backsplash or freshly painted cabinets.

Be flexible with paint.

Neutral wall colors, like white and tan, may seem like the easiest and most logical option, but they do little to make your properties stand out from the rest. Instead, consider allowing tenants to choose from a selection of pre-approved colors. This will enable them to personalize the space more, which could make your property seem like a better choice.

Spruce up your window treatments.

Plastic or metal blinds aren’t just boring, but they’re also difficult to clean and easy to break. Why not get a little more creative with your window treatments by opting instead for elegant shades made from wood, bamboo or cloth? Or, better yet, let your tenants decide what kind of look that they like best. The more opportunity to customize the space, the better.

Ditch the carpets.

Rugs may look and feel great when they’re brand new, but it doesn’t take long for wear and tear to take its toll. Plus, who needs the added step and expense of cleaning and/or replacing carpets every time a tenant moves out? Opt instead for durable, easy to maintain flooring, such as vinyl or laminate. If your tenants want to spruce things up, they can always use area rugs, and you’ll save time and money.

Stay on top of maintenance.

Make sure all of your properties are well-maintained, both inside and out. Not only will this make them more attractive to prospective tenants, but it’ll also help you keep your existing residents happy, thereby reducing turnover. Plus, it’ll help you prevent more expensive problems from occurring in the future, which will save you money in the long run.

Anyone who’s been in the property management industry knows how challenging it can be to find good tenants. By being proactive and thinking a bit outside the box, you can help make your properties much more attractive to prospective renters, improving the odds of filling vacancies and increasing retention.

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