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The Advantages of Digital Communication for Property Managers

Communication has gone through an evolution following the advances of technology in general. The way we’ve communicated as individuals, groups, and organizations have all been disrupted by innovation. Property managers often act as a liaison between customers, colleagues, vendors, and others, which makes optimizing communication incredibly important. Being able to send documents like letters, notices, or even invoices electronically and en-masse can offer a multitude of benefits for your company.


Typically, when reviewing notices or any other type of documentation, someone would have to manually write it all out, review the document, and add personal information like mailing address, name, and any other specific information. This process tends to be highly time consuming and unengaging which means that following this process could take a while to get done.

With technology that automates communication most of the steps and secondary checks when writing and sending letters can be streamlined. You can easily reuse notice layouts and templates, while contact management software can accurately pull all the personal information you need into your document, automatically sending every notice at once. This means that no time needs to be spent, printing, filing, mailing, or delivering. Recipients can get their notices immediately and can respond in just as little time. Electronic communication reduces wait times or stalling in between correspondence and enables work to get done faster.


Managing notices and letters online enhances the organization significantly than when these communications are handled via phone call or physical letters. Managing documents using software enables easy document management, this type of system makes files more accessible and their histories easy to track. So, after sending a letter or notice to a customer it is easy to search through your records and find corresponding details like who a letter was sent to or why it was sent.


Streamlining communication by sending notices and letters to all contacts electronically reduces negative impact on the environment. Paper use is can be virtually eliminated, emissions from printing, packaging, ink, delivery are all significantly altered. Electronical document management decreases dependency on paper and improves brand reputation.


Most customers and prospects want the businesses they engage with to implement environmentally friendly business processes. Millennials who make up a large chunk of the current market for property management companies prioritize businesses that have cultures that align with their own and give that element a lot of weight in their decision making. 

Streamlining messages and letters also facilitates business for customers as well. The convenience of having notices delivered to their phone or computer rather than to a mailbox or door makes it easier for them to track and monitor communication independently. It also gives them instant access to information they would find important. The better you are at communicating with your customers the more satisfied they will be with your service.

By introducing electronic messaging capabilities your business can thrive. Removing paper from your organization boosts efficiency and enables, productivity and consistent cost savings. Your customers will be happier with quick access to important documents and your team will be happier with easy to manage processes.

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