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The 10 Most Common Workplace Distractions; and How to Eliminate Them from Your Property Management Firm

distractionsCareerBuilder recently conducted a study to determine what the most common distractions were in the workplace. These are the very things that your employees are struggling with on a daily basis:

1) Cell phone/texting – 50%
2) Gossip – 42%
3) The Internet – 39%
4) Social media – 38%
5) Snack breaks or smoke breaks – 27%
6) Noisy co-workers – 24%
7) Meetings – 23%
8) Email – 23%
9) Co-workers dropping by – 23%
10) Co-workers putting calls on speaker phone – 10%

These distractions are certain to cause some degree of productivity loss to your property management business, so it’s imperative to get them under control.

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Here are 6 simple strategies to implement across your entire organization, from front line staff, to C-level management.

Organize and Prioritize 

Make sure workspaces are free from clutter and implement techniques and technology to better manage daily schedules. List tasks and prioritize in order of importance.

Reduce/Eliminate Interruptions 

Designate specific times during the day to handle communications, such as returning phone calls and answering emails. Conduct important work in an area that is less distracting, such as moving from a cubicle to a private conference room.

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Limit Personal Time 

Develop and implement a policy that limits personal tasks at work, such as answering cell phones or checking social media.

Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

Not every issue requires a meeting. Reserve these time-consuming gatherings for only those topics that can’t be handled in other, faster ways.

Don’t Procrastinate

Putting off those bigger tasks will only waste more time. Use your prioritized list and work your way through until you’ve checked everything off in order.

Foster Engagement

Develop and implement an employee engagement strategy that includes proper training, adequate support and empowerment.

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