Commercial Real Estate Management

INFO-Tracker – Leading Commercial Management Software Solution

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INFO-Tracker Commercial Property Management Solution sets the industry standard for excellence in automation and depth of functionality for commercial, industrial and retail property management.
INFO-Tracker Commercial is designed to enable management companies to streamline internal processes in order to increase their efficiencies and to deliver maximum profitability on each real estate investments. With accurate and real-time information delivered by INFO-Tracker Commercial on-Demand, savings can be found in many areas of management and administration all resulting in being able to do more with less. With seamless integration between property management, accounting and maintenance, all past, present and future information related to all properties under management are readily available from anywhere with a click of a button.

Platform for Growth
Gain competitive advantage with INFO-Tracker Commercial and grow your portfolio without the need for additional resources. To learn how, please contact sales department at


  • Industry Proven
  • Do more with LESS
  • Single Vendor fully Integrated Management S/W
  • Controlled administration of leases and amendments
  • Automated OCR (Occupancy Cost Recovery Calculations)
  • Square footage tracking by unit, floor, special levels and property
  • Variety of automated lease calculations including: annual escalation, percentage of sales and more
  • Site and Head Office Functions and Controls
  • Improved Responsiveness, Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Learn
  • Enhanced Service Offerings
  • Access from Anywhere Anytime