Professional Services

We are committed to provide end-to-end knowledgeable assistance prior, during and after each INFO-Tracker implementation. The following are some of the services customers can take advantage during any time of their implementation life cycle.

Policy & Procedures (P&P)

This is a program with the focus on capturing and organizing organizational data prior to the installation and implementation. During P&P, participants have an opportunity to identify and discuss data definitions and standard definitions, as well as user security and its implementation.

Organizational Work Flow Review and Design

This is consultative service designed to assist companies by performing an evaluation review of current internal functions and processes in order to identify what streamlining changes if any need be considered. During this process further considerations are given to eliminating processes and data redundancy with the view on maximizing staff’s efficiency and providing management with controls required to achieve desired goals and management policies. The Organizational Work Flow Review and Design is a minimum 1 day on site and 2 day off site service upon completion of which the customer will receive Workflow Implementation Report with recommendations on how INFO-Tracker can be implemented to streamline organizational processes and interoffice communications, to increase user efficiency, to improve user responsiveness to customers and to realize increased profitability.

Implementation Plan Preparation

The project implementation plan is critical to success of any system implementation, manual or computerized. Together with your management team, Netintegrity’s professional consultants will design implementation plan based on your requirements to achieve desired objectives, INFO-Tracker modules being implemented, available resources and the established timelines. The goal of this process is to create a “Road Map” for management and your implementation team which will be used for an internal, detailed task oriented implementation schedule, with specific user and target assignments.

The implementation plan preparation is a minimum 1day on site and 1 day off site process. The time commitment will vary based on the size of the organization, number of locations and staff’s availability.

Data Conversion and Upload

This is a data migration service designed to migrate your data from your existing systems into INFO-Tracker prior to installation and training. The data upload can consist of a custom electronic data migration or a data capturing file provided to you by Netintegrity. Once your data is received, it is then transferred into your system and then delivered and installed prior to training and other implementation services. This service will enable you to commence system implementation immediately upon completion of installation and training.

System Setup

The system setup work shop has been designed to assist users with initiating and often completing the process of system configuration and setup prior to training and live implementation. This service consist of INFO-Tracker installation and configuration in your environment followed by 1 to 2 days on-site workshop dealing with nothing but system setup.

Post Training On-site Implementation Management

This service has been designed to assist the management team in overseeing the initial steps of implementation process. The on-site time commitment is determined by customer’s size and operational infrastructure and determined together with the customer upon completion of evaluation process.

Data Verification

Data Verification Program is designed to be performed on annual basis to allow end user and Netintegrity consultants to review information for the past year to ensure data integrity and upkeep of internal standards.

Post Training On-site Implementation Management

This service was designed to assist the user with the setup and roll out of accounting system into their environment. The focus of this service is to provide guidance to accounting department during the initial stages of system setup, configuration and navigation.