iTCare Hosting

In today’s economic market place, every business is under pressure to do more with less. Imagine having access to a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure at a fraction of what you pay today. The INFO-Tracker Dedicated Hosting Solution allows you to do just that. You are able to preserve precious capital using our hosted solution resources as a fully outsourced service — this way you can focus on your business and not the IT infrastructure.

Why INFO-Tracker Dedicated Hosting Solutions?

  • Physical IT infrastructure:
    servers, routers, firewalls, switches and storage devices.
  • 24/7 full-service management,
    monitoring and support, with unlimited potential for growth.
  • Impenetrable and secure environment
    including external access as well as within the data centers.
  • Real-Time Access from anywhere at any time -
    high speed connection to INFO-Tracker File Server available 24x7x365.
  • End-to-end INFO-Tracker support:
    A dedicated iTCare Support team with toll-free help desk support is in place to provide fast, knowledgeable assistance.
  • Service Packs and Upgrades:
    regular system maintenance performed to ensure that your INFO-Tracker is always running smoothly.
  • Data Management:
    Preventative data maintenance performed monthly to ensure optimum performance of your database.
  • Data Back-Up & Disaster Recovery:
    comprehensive disaster recovery services including daily back-up and recovery procedures.

With all of the above, the INFO-Tracker Dedicated Hosted Solution is designed to serve as the primary building block for INFO-Tracker ensuring that your business can depend on it.

Experience the Netintegrity Difference

With us, your infrastructure and INFO-Tracker are maintained by certified experts with the experience to make your environment meet and exceed the constantly changing demands. All Netintegrity hosted services are backed by technical expertise across many segments of IT industry which your business can never exhaust. Our people are the best of the best, both behind the scenes and on the front lines. And they have one objective: to keep your business running, consistently and securely.

We are Always On

With INFO-Tracker Dedicated Hosting, downtime is not an option. Our infrastructure expertise and power are available every second of every day to support your business.

We provide mission critical platform

INFO-Tracker Dedicated Hosting delivers security and dependability you need along with the option to quickly scale your environment as your business grows. More importantly, our hosting solution delivers “a piece of mind” trough most advanced: security, network, storage, application and more.

What else you can expect?

  • 24/7/365 support from centralized Network Operations Center:
    A three-tier support model provides comprehensive incident management, response and resolution
  • Ironclad Security
    • 24/7/365 on-site staffed technicians and security personnel with a dedicated guard room, protected by ballistics-rated glass
    • Electronic badge card key and PIN access
    • Motion-activated digital security cameras, both inside and outside the facility
    • Biometric authentication readers on data center access doors through a mantrap entrance
  • Fire Detection & Suppression:
    • Multiple-zone dry-pipe pre-action fire suppression system
    • Incipient early warning fire detection system
  • Fully redundant, uninterrupted power
  • State-of-the-art SAS 70 Type II certified data centers,
    backed with 100% power uptime SLAs