iTCare ‘Road Map’

iTCare ‘Road Map’ Methodology

Netintegrity uses a unique, proven methodology “iTCare RoadMap” based on best practices developed from many years of implementation experiencedeploying INFO-Tracker and automated solutions to customers. The iTCare RoadMap is the very first step when we consider and design implementation processes, requirements and schedule for property management organizations of all sizes.

Implementation Objectives


Getting to Know Each Other
  • Kick Off Meeting
  • Team Introductions
  • Aligning Expectations and Deliverables
Design The RoadMap
  • Document business requirements
  • Identify project goals and objectives
  • Develop functional scope
  • Create Implementation Plan
Getting on the Road
  • Data Conversion and Upload Review and Design
  • Custom Project Design and Delivery
Adapt the RoadMap
  • System Setup and Config
Implement the RoadMap
  • Follow the RoadMap and Implementation plan to their successful completion
Maintain the RoadMap
  • Commence iTCare Support services