iTCare One Team

An iTCare OneTeam Consulting implementation is a jointly managed, cooperative, hands-on project management process between iTCare Consulting™ team and your staff assigned to implementation process. If you have specific requirements — such as the need for customized business processes, complex workflows, implementation of INFO-Tracker advanced modules, integration with other applications, or data conversion issues — an iTCare OneTeam Consulting Implementation is right for you.

Benefits of a iTCare OneTeam Consulting implementation include:

  • Implementation Roadmap: INFO-Tracker expert consultants will get to know your business working with your management and implementation team. The Implementation Roadmap will include:
    • Assignment of Roles and Responsibilities
    • Design of Implementation Plan
    • Implementation and Project Management
    • Review and Design of
      • Corporate Standards
      • Best Practices
      • Customer Focused Processes
  • Implementation Project Management: ongoing Implementation Team and Management Advisory meetings and strategy sessions ensure that implementation is on track and on schedule.
  • Organizational WorkFlow Review and Analysis: The Roadmap needs to be documented and measured against on daily, weekly and monthly basis. We recommend commencing each implementation project with the development of a Organizational Work Flow Document (OWD) in order to:
    • Ensure your requirements are fully understood prior to configuration
    • Outline your key business processes and determine how closely they map to INFO-Tracker functionality
    • Identify ways of streamlining internal processes in order to achieve maximum efficiencies
    • Use as a blueprint to ensuring that INFO-Tracker is configured to meet your needs.

Throughout the entire iTCare OneTeam Consulting implementation, our dedicated INFO-Tracker consulting team works closely with your organization, making sure your business objectives are met and delivering everything you need to achieve implementation and business success.