iTCare Consulting

My staff found support and training provided by Netintegrity have been both effective, easy to follow and knowledgeable. Also, what has been most helpful is for my group of Chartered Accountants is to be able to communicate with support staff and that understands accounting.” – Ranjan Basin, VP Accounting

iTCare Consulting™ is a team of seasoned professionals that deliver a complete program of professional services, training and support, to get you up and running quickly and ensure that you receive ongoing value from your INFO-Tracker™ investment.

By applying deep industry expertise, along with the INFO-Tracker RoadMap methodology, the professional services team helps you implement and customize INFO-Tracker to address your unique business requirements, providing a property management solution platform that reduces your operating costs, while optimizing your business.

  • iTCare OneTeam

    A iTCare™ OneTeam implementation is a jointly managed, cooperative, hands-on project management process between iTCare Consulting™ and your project team. If you have specific requirements, such as customized business processes, complex workflows, INFO-Tracker™ advanced modules, integration with other applications or data conversion issues, an iTCare OneTeam implementation is right for you.

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  • iTCare Assistant

    iTCare™ Assistant projects are designed for organizations that can manage their own deployments, but benefit from Netintegrity’s proven Roadmap methodology. iTCare Assistant is available for all levels of business requirements.

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  • iTCare Road Map

    Netintegrity’s unique, proven methodology is based on best practices developed over many years. The iTCare™ RoadMap is the first step in planning and designing implementation processes and schedules, based on business requirements.

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