Routine and Preventative Maintenance

If you find it challenging to stay on top of maintenance requests, or should you be considering offering maintenance as a new service, by implementing INFO-Tracker you will centralize all maintenance activities into an easy to read and to use screen. At the same time you will be able to offer your customers: owners, tenants, board of directors and others, a convenient way of reporting and reviewing their maintenance related requests. Managing all maintenance activities is a breeze with INFO-Tracker all are only a click a way.


Online owner and tenant requests

Maintenance Help Desk

Scheduled & Routine Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Plan

Job Costing

Bid Management

Service & Warranty History

Track Time | Manage Time | Save Time
- Improve work order management
- Boost performance of maintenance staff
- Allocate resources more effectively Increase customer satisfaction and retention

With TimesheetLink™ the need for property managers to interrupt maintenance staff while in the middle of a task (and vice versa) is virtually eliminated, as management can access INFO-Tracker™ to check the real-time status of any Work Order plus send alerts for staff regarding urgent tasks.

Complete and precise information for management to utilize in billing, purchasing, performance measurement and future resource planning and budgeting.


Likewise, maintenance team members are empowered to work more independently and efficiently, with instant remote access to the most current Work Order schedule and links to individual job details — right at their fingertips

Benefits of the INFO-Tracker Cloud

For Maintenance Staff:

Log-in remotely using any mobile device single screen view for job schedule and timesheet entry,Timesheet entry completed easily throughout the day view real-time schedule

For Maintenance Staff:

Updates for priority jobs include notes; description of work done, issues encountered, etc. Empowered to self-manage while still being accountable

For Management:

Improve cash flow with accurately recorded billable time,Plan and budget for future maintenance using accurate data,Changes to schedule priorities are viewed on site, in real-time

For Management:

View current job status without interrupting maintenance staff,Track performance of individual staff members i.e, time spent,Create effective action plans to improve staff performance

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