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Using Pinterest for Your Property Management Business

Using_Pinterest_for_your_Property_Management_BusinessIf you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it’s an online social network that is based solely on images. People can “pin” images they like to their own virtual bulletin boards, which can be viewed and shared by others. Businesses have also begun leveraging this online forum to help bolster brand awareness and engage both prospective and existing customers. Pinterest can be a powerful tool, particularly for the property management industry, helping to expand your reach and grow your network. That said, let’s take a look at some Pinterest best practices.

Do some research

Not sure what to pin? Set aside some time to research other property management companies that are already using Pinterest successfully. This can provide inspiration and give insight into what seems to be working best.

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Keep boards active and full

People tend to follow boards that are regularly updated and contain many pins, rather than those that are stagnant and nearly empty. Keep people interested by pinning frequently.

Connect with other platforms

Sharing between social networks makes the job of managing social media tasks easier and more efficient. Connect your Pinterest account with your Facebook, Twitter and other networks.

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Add other contributors

Pinterest allows you to authorize other users to pin to your boards. Designate a few members of your team to be able to share their own pins. This adds variety and differing perspectives and also makes it easier to keep boards active.

Share the love

Because Pinterest is a social network, it’s important that you engage with other users if you want them to return the favor. Spend some time viewing boards that are relevant to property management but aren’t competitive and like and re-pin some of their images.

Add “Pin It” buttons

Pinterest for Business lets you to add what’s called a “Pin It” button to any images you may have on your website, blog, etc. This makes it simple for your audience to share your content on their own boards, thereby increasing your exposure.

Tag others

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has a tagging feature which lets you include others in your pins. Simply type the @ symbol in front of the user’s name and they will be tagged and notified. This is great for engagement.

Search for local pins

Look for images that are from your local area, such as sports games and other community events. Pin them and tag people. This helps to establish your presence as an important part of the local community, which builds trust and brand recognition.

Pin on the go

As with many social platforms, Pinterest has its own app for mobile devices. That way you can pin pictures from anywhere, any time. This is especially great for those in the busy property management industry.

Being active on social media is no longer just an option. It’s a necessity in today’s digital age. Pinterest is another powerful tool to help you connect your property management business with existing customers and also attract new prospects to grow your business. Employ these simple tips and you’ll be mastering the art of Pinterest in no time. Happy pinning!

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