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Twitter 101 for Property Management Marketing

Twitter 101 for Property Management MarketingWe recently touched on the importance of keeping up with your online reputation, and how social media can play a pivotal role in doing so. For the modern property management professional, social media activity is no longer just an option – it’s a necessity, and one of the most powerful marketing tools you can have in your arsenal. Twitter is one such social platform that can be leveraged to help promote your organization, engage with current and prospective clients and improve your business as a whole. That said here are a few helpful tips on using Twitter for your property management marketing.

Claim Your Twitter Name

As with anything else, your Twitter profile should be closely aligned with all of your other branding, so before you do anything, be sure to go out and claim your business name on Twitter. This name will represent your organization and will also be a part of your Twitter URL.

Complete Your Profile

Make sure your profile is complete and that it accurately describes your business and delivers your message. Include your logo or icon, your website URL, and use keywords to optimize your profile for best results in the search rankings.

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Learn Basic Twitter Terminology

If you’re going to use Twitter correctly, you have to learn the basics. With Twitter, it’s all about minimizing (each tweet can only be 140 characters or less), so you’ll see common ways that other users accomplish this. For instance, the letters “RT” stand for “retweet”, which means the tweet was originally someone else’s and is now being shared. “FF” stands for “follow Friday” and is used to encourage others to follow the favorites in your own network. (Here’s a whole dictionary of Twitter phrases and terminology for you to reference.)

Use Hashtags

In the Twitter world, hashtags (or the “#” symbol) are used to make a term searchable. You place a hashtag in front of popular words to help boost the visibility of your tweets. For instance, when we’ve tweeted about some of our previous articles, we’ve included the hashtag #productivity. Whenever a user searches Twitter for that hashtag, our tweet will be included in the results. (Here’s a helpful article on using hashtags for business.)

Build Your Network

It may seem tempting to just follow everyone you can when you first sign up for Twitter, but to be most effective you’ll want to take some time and seek out relevant users to add to your network. This is also the best way to get relevant people to follow you. Targeted followers will be more likely to retweet your tweets to their own networks, thereby increasing your reach.

Spread the Word

Twitter is a fantastic resource for sharing information – particularly for property managers. Use it to share your recent blog posts, make announcements or highlight properties you’re listing. Whatever it is you want to get the word out about, Twitter is the perfect solution.

Be Consistent

If you’re going to be successful at Twitter, you have to make a consistent effort to keep up with it. It’s a good idea to tweet at least once a day, but more is even better. Share your own content, content you find on the web that you think would be helpful to your followers, and other tweets you see that are relevant to your network.

Use a Link Shortener

With just 140 characters to work with, every letter counts when you’re creating a tweet. When including links within your tweets, shorten them first to conserve space. There are several link shortening sites available, but the two most popular are probably and As an added bonus, these sites also provide detailed analytics so you can see which links received the most attention and plan future content accordingly.

Be Patient

Establishing a successful presence on Twitter takes time and effort. You won’t see results overnight, but if you’re committed to the process and consistent in your efforts to tweet regularly and engage with your followers, you’ll slowly begin to see your network grow.

There are plenty of resources online that can help you continue to build and grow your property management business. Twitter is just one, but it’s an incredibly popular and powerful tool to have as a part of your overall marketing strategy. These tips should help you get started so that you can begin leveraging this incredible resource to benefit your business.

Do you use Twitter for your property management organization? What tips and tricks could you share that you feel have helped you have success on this online social network? Please share them in the comments below, and, of course, if you haven’t already done so, connect with us on Twitter:


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