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Training Tips for Property Management Staff

One of the most important components of any successful business is ongoing training. The property management industry is no exception. Actually, compared to other fields, the argument can be made that those in property management gain even more from training and development, particularly given the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of our field. Understanding the need for training, and actually implementing it in an effective manner, however, are two very different things. Between new hires and multiple locations, it can be quite a challenge. That said, here are a few helpful tips to help you and your staff maximize your training time and achieve the best possible results.

Implement a Work-Shadow Program

No amount of book, classroom or web training can come close to the effectiveness of real-world experience. Consider having new employees shadow seasoned ones as they go about their daily routines, both in the office and out in the field. The ultimate goal is to give each new team member a full, comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the property management industry, even if they will only be responsible for a small piece of it. The more they can get a feel for the big picture, the more they will understand how their role affects the organization’s bottom line and the better they’re likely to perform.

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Incorporate FAQ’s Into Your Training Programs

What are the most commonly asked questions in your business? What are the hot points or concerns that seem to arise on a regular basis, both externally from clients and internally from employees? Compile these into a comprehensive list, along with their answers, and incorporate them into your training programs. This will give both new and existing team members a more thorough knowledge of the most important industry topics, which can ultimately help them in their day to day jobs.


Consider rotating the responsibilities of your employees from time to time, allowing them to learn one another’s jobs. Not only is cross-training important to give each employee a better understanding of the big picture, but it’s also a critical part of your organization’s contingency plan. When everyone on the team knows the roles and responsibilities of one another, there is limited impact when an employee takes time off, resigns or is terminated.

Make Management Accessible

The people in positions of authority within your organization should make themselves accessible to lower level employees, and should welcome questions as a chance to further develop the workforce as a whole. Implement an open-door policy among management and encourage prompt responses to emails and phone calls to ensure that whenever a question arises, it is answered in a timely manner and always viewed as a positive training opportunity.

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Invest in Quality Property Management Software

Technology can make it infinitely easier for your workforce to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. This includes ongoing training and development, which not only improves performance but can also significantly boost employee morale. Be sure to choose a property management software provider that provides comprehensive support and offers a variety of convenient training options to help your employees maximize their efforts and produce the highest level of work possible.

Of all industries, perhaps none can benefit more from ongoing training opportunities than that of property management. The tips provided here will help you get the most out of your training efforts, whether they’re for onboarding of new employees or the further development of your existing workforce. The more knowledge your team has, the better armed they’ll be to produce quality work and help your organization soar into future success.


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