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Tips for Managing Different Generations in a Property Management Workplace

Tips_for_Managing_Different_Generations_in_a_Property_Management_Workplace.jpgOne of the biggest challenges leaders in today’s workplace experience is that of figuring out how to successfully manage multiple generations. In any given office setting, the staff might range from Baby Boomers to Millennials, spanning 3 generations, each with their own unique set of needs, preferences, values and beliefs. So how can you effectively bring everyone together, keep everyone happy and create a more cohesive work environment that will help your property management organization thrive? Here are some suggestions.

Identify who you’re working with

The very first step in establishing a positive multigenerational workplace is identifying which employees fall into which category. The three main generations that are currently employed are as follows:

  • Baby Boomers – Born between 1946 and 1964
  • Generation X – Born between 1964 and 1980
  • Generation Y (Millennials) – Born between 1980 and 2000

It’s important to point out that over the next several years, we’ll also be adding the most recent demographic, Generation Z, into the mix. For now, however, we’ll just focus on what’s at hand.

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Understand the basics

Once you know who is who, the next step toward reducing generational conflict within your firm is gaining a clear picture of who each of these categories truly represent. Baby Boomers made many sacrifices to forge a new workplace. They are hard-working and very loyal. Gen X was the first generation to grow up with technology. They tend to focus more on productivity and results, rather than the number of hours spent working.

Millennials, the generation who is expected to completely dominate the workforce by the year 2020, are quite unique in how they work. They like to be busy and are therefore excellent at multi-tasking and wearing many hats. They also tend to bore easily, so engagement is critical. Gen Yers prefer to work for companies that offer flexibility, transparency and place social responsibility as a high priority.

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Use strengths to overcome weaknesses

Each generation brings its own strengths to the table. They also have areas where they may struggle more than others. The key is to identify and draw on those strengths in a way through which everyone is contributing in the best way possible. Furthermore, encourage open communication and idea sharing and outwardly recognize the good in each area. This will help employees begin to see the positives in one another.

Foster an environment of open learning

There are plenty of things that each generation can learn from the other. It’s really just a matter of creating an environment within your company that pairs the right people together. Two-way mentoring relationships are a great place to start. For example, a Baby Boomer can teach a Millennial co-worker about focus and determination and in turn, the younger employee can help his or her older colleague understand and embrace technology.

Adapt your management style accordingly

Managing 3 different generations might require you to apply 3 completely different management styles. The secret is finding the approach that works most effectively with each employee, something that’s often based on when they were brought up. Manage according to the worker’s value system, like shifting the focus from number of hours spent working in the office for your Baby Boomer employees to the flexibility and work/life balance your younger workers find so important.

Chances are your property management company employs people from all walks of life, including different generations. This doesn’t have to be a stumbling block. When handled appropriately, generational differences in the workplace can provide a significant benefit to the business as a whole.


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