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Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Property Management Blog



One of the most powerful tools you can use to establish and maintain a solid online presence for your property management business is a blog. Search engines love fresh, new content and blogs provide the perfect vehicle to deliver news, information and keyword rich content that will draw people to your website. Yet the “if you build it they will come” concept doesn’t necessarily apply. There are certain things you can and should be doing to help attract more traffic to your property management blog.

Pick Good Titles

Make sure the titles you choose for your blog posts are relevant and catchy. They should tell people exactly what they’ll be getting if they read your posts. Numbers and how-to’s are excellent at capturing peoples’ attention, as are lists and tips. And, of course, don’t forget to use your targeted keywords to make it easier for your blog to be found when people do web searches.

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Make Them Easy to Read

Blog posts are not meant to be novels. They should be short and easy to read. Breaking them up into list-type articles (like this one) or shorter paragraphs make it easier for readers to quickly gather the information they need without having to commit a great deal of time.

Optimize Your Content for Search Engines

There are a number of factors that go into how search engines index and rank websites, and while the exact formula is still unknown, we do know a few of the more important ones. First, make sure all of your content contains your targeted keywords at a density of 1-2%. Next, utilize your Meta tags to include your keywords, and finally, make sure you include links (both to external sites and internally to your own property management website and blog).

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Foster Reader Engagement

The more active your readers are, the better, but don’t just expect people to comment – encourage them to. At the end of your blog posts, ask a question or poll your readers and invite them to share their opinions about the topic at hand. When other readers come across your blog, they’ll see the interaction and want to join in.

Encourage Social Sharing

Make it easy for your readers to share the posts they like with their own networks by including social sharing buttons that allow them to tweet, like or share with the click of the mouse. The more your content is shared, the more exposure your property management blog will receive. And, don’t forget to spread the word on your own social media platforms by sharing new blog posts as they are published.

Link Up with Other Blogs

If you come across other relevant blogs, such as realtor or home owner blogs, link back to them. Not only does this help with building mutually beneficial industry relationships, but it also helps with both search engine optimization and further exposure for your brand. Plus, your readers will appreciate the wealth of information you provide to them.

A property management blog is an excellent tool for connecting with your clients and prospects, and for building the online presence of your organization. By following these simple tips, you can better position your property management blog to be found in the search engines, which will in turn drive more traffic to your website and hopefully generate more business.

What strategies have you used to boost your property management blog’s performance?


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