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Strategies to Establish, Increase and Sustain Property Management Employee Engagement

Strategies_to_Establish_Increase_and_Sustain_Property_Management_Employee_EngagementAre your employees plugged in? Do they truly enjoy coming to work every day? Are they giving it their all for the overall betterment of your property management company? Employee engagement is absolutely critical to the success of any organization, yet for many, it remains one of the biggest areas of concern. According to a recent Gallup poll, a whopping 70% of employees admitted to being either not engaged or actively disengaged at work. This can lead to drops in productivity and higher turnover, which can and will cost your property management company money.

To address this, here are a few strategies for boosting and maintaining a high level of employee engagement.

Lead by Example 

Don’t just talk the talk. Walk the walk. If you want your employees to be more plugged in at work, make sure those in leadership positions are demonstrating those same traits. According to the NY Times, companies with leadership that model desired behavior have employees that are 55% more engaged, so start at the top.

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Invest in On-Boarding 

It’s always easier to establish engagement from the start than it is to fix things when they’ve gone off the rails. Comprehensive on-boarding can help to teach new employees about your company, get them engrained in the corporate culture and help them feel like they belong right away.

Be Visible

When management is always locked away behind closed doors in corner offices, how are employees supposed to feel connected? Conversely, when those in higher level roles are present around the office and perceived as approachable and available, employees feel better about reaching out for guidance and assistance. This can dramatically improve both morale and subsequently boost engagement levels.

Empower Your Employees

Let your employees know that you trust them with important tasks and they will reward you by rising to the occasion. Empowering your workers also helps them to see their role in the bigger picture, which is the ongoing success of your company. When they’re invested in this way, they’re much more likely to go above and beyond in whatever they’re asked to do.

Recognize a Job Well Done 

Sometimes something as simple as just saying ‘thank you’ to an employee can be enough to boost their satisfaction levels. Remember to recognize your workers when they’ve done something well. Not only will this foster trust, but it will also create an environment where people feel like they can flourish and grow.

Be Authentic 

Another powerful way to increase engagement levels is to connect with employees on a more personal level. Get to know your team members. Show them you genuinely care about them, their families and their individual successes. Feeling like they belong and that they’re truly valued can go a long way to keeping them tuned in to your brand.

Have Fun 

The last, perhaps most often overlooked strategy for boosting employee engagement is simple: have fun. When your workers have the opportunity to enjoy one another’s company outside the confines of work-related duties, they’ll establish stronger connections. The team that plays together stays together, so facilitate social activities, both inside and outside of the office.

Employee engagement is a catalyst to the ongoing growth and success of your business. Not only are engaged workers more productive, but they’re also happier, which helps to reduce turnover and leads to better customer service levels. The strategies listed above should help you transform your property management organization into a place where people actually enjoy coming to work every day and are willing to give it their all for the benefit of your organization.{{cta(‘b06cdd54-d9d9-4021-9090-c105db9af701′,’justifyright’)}}

Get the full scoop on How to Build an Extraordinary Property Management Team. Download our free resource guide.

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