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Property Management Hack: Overcoming Productivity Obstacles

Property Management Hack: Overcoming Productivity ObstaclesOne of the biggest hindrances to workplace productivity is self-sabotage, or, more specifically, subconscious factors that stand in the way of effectively accomplishing what we need to get done. Everyone has experienced self-sabotage, to some degree. For instance, we all know that feeling of self-doubt or procrastination that creeps in and gives us pause. These seemingly little things can significantly decrease the output of your workforce and negatively impact the bottom line of your organization as a whole. Here are three simple ways to overcome self-sabotage and get yourself and your team back on track.

Identify Your Saboteurs

The first step in overcoming these hindrances to productivity is identifying what they are. Everyone battles with different issues. Some find themselves overly critical and judgmental of everything they do, while others feel that if they can’t maintain complete control over every action, they won’t be successful. You have to take the time and be honest with yourself to determine exactly what is holding you back and standing in the way of accomplishing all of your goals.

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Confront Your Saboteurs

Once you’ve identified what you are battling with, the next step is confronting those things. Learn to recognize when those counterproductive feelings and emotions begin to crop up, and immediately put a stop to them. If you tend to be overly critical of yourself, instead of letting that feeling of self-doubt take over, take a moment to reward yourself for something you recently accomplished. This will boost your confidence and help you overcome that negative feeling. If you start feeling the need to exert control over the situation, take a step back and remind yourself that it’s ok to delegate. When you understand what self-sabotage is and how it affects you, you can take a proactive approach to overcoming it.

Positive Reinforcement

The key to overcoming self-sabotage is not just identifying and addressing the underlying problems, but it’s also learning to replace them with positive, productive feelings and actions. For instance, if your personal saboteur is avoidance, once you’ve identified and confronted it, the final step is to push yourself to work through that problem and overcome it. That means that when you feel overwhelmed and your first instinct is to put the task off and walk away, you should instead push forward and finish what needs to be done. Ongoing positive reinforcement will help you change the way you think and before you know it, your self-sabotage will be a thing of the past.

In business, the mind is one of the most powerful tools available. It can also be our biggest obstacle. When thoughts of self-doubt and other negative feelings creep in, it can lead to behavior that is counterproductive. By applying these steps, you and your team can successfully overcome self-sabotage and become a highly effective, more productive workforce.

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