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Organization Tips for Busy Property Management Professionals

Tips for Busy Property Management ProfessionalsBeing a successful property manager means juggling lots of hats and more importantly, doing so in an organized, efficient manner. Otherwise, you’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed and unable to do your job effectively – whether that’s answering emails, billing, meeting with clients or any number of the other tasks you’re responsible for. The problem is not everyone is naturally inclined to being organized. If you happen to be one of those busy property managers who struggles with staying on top of everything, here are a handful of tips to help you get organized and on track for success.

Minimize Clutter

Our industry is wrought with paperwork – it’s the nature of the beast. Having too much sitting on your desk can not only affect your productivity, but it can result in dissatisfied and frustrated clients. Keep detailed files, stay on top of your paperwork as it comes in, and utilize organizational tools like property management software to help ensure that everything is always in its place. That way you will always be able to find what you need, when you need it, and you’ll have a clean workspace to help you stay focused.

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Be Willing to Delegate/Outsource

The more responsibility you take on, the more it becomes obvious that you can’t do everything. There are times when it’s necessary to delegate some of your workload to others, or even outsource it to someone offsite. By doing so, you will free yourself up to be able to focus on the most important tasks at hand, which will make your work much more manageable and easy to organize.

Have a Detailed Contingency Plan

Property management would be a cinch if everything always went smoothly and exactly as planned. Unfortunately, there will always be situations where things go wrong and you have to be prepared to handle those situations as they arise. Having a contingency plan in place that you can immediately refer to in the event of an accident or crisis can mean the difference between a speedy resolution and a stressful, disorganized and messy situation. For instance, document what steps are to be taken should a property experience a flood, fire or other disaster and make sure this documentation is distributed to all employees.

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Develop a Policy for Unhappy Clients

What do you do when a property owner or resident is unhappy with something? The key to remaining successful in this industry is prompt, efficient and professional responses to complaints, but if you’re unorganized and overwhelmed, this can be a challenge. Plan ahead for how you will handle unhappy clients so that the next time you get that call, you will be prepared to respond accordingly and correct the situation in a timely manner.

Implement a Communications Protocol

One of the quickest ways to get bogged down in this busy industry is to find yourself playing phone tag or unraveling a seemingly endless string of emails. This is also one of the quickest ways to frustrate and risk losing a valuable client. Before you end up in this trap, develop and implement a communications protocol that makes sense for everyone. Obviously you can’t always be available, 24/7, but by establishing a mutually agreeable method of communication, and sticking to a specified turnaround time, you will keep communications flowing smoothly and efficiently.

The property management industry is one that is inherently chaotic. To be successful, you must be able to minimize and manage this chaos. The most effective way to do so is by planning ahead and developing strong organizational skills. The tips provided here will help you remain focused and organized no matter what the situation, so you can do your job in the most efficient and productive way possible.

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