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Harness The Power of People to Build Your Property Management Brand

Harness_The_Power_of_People_to_Build_Your_Property_Management_BrandIronically, in this high-tech digital age that appears to be ruled by gadgets, the most powerful marketing tool available to build your property management brand is people —your employees, your vendors and your customers.

How they feel about your brand and how they share those feelings with others holds far more clout than any big budget marketing initiative or viral campaign you could dream up.

Start with your employees

Think of your frontline staff as your army of foot soldiers, representing your brand and going into battle every day to win the hearts of customers. If you are commanding the troops and leading them to victory, it’s your job to make sure that they are in top shape, well-equipped, highly motivated and know the battle plan inside out.

This starts with recruiting the right people —individuals who share your core values and support the vision that your brand has been formulated from. Make sure that you are able to articulate your vision and corresponding brand strategy in a way that inspires and motivates employees. At every opportunity they should be providing an experience that delights customers and contributes to building a positive brand image.

Further to this, be sure to provide your staff with the necessary tools to deliver what customers want and need. If you want your brand to be known for superior customer service, be sure to have procedures in place for this and hold your employees fast to these directives.

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Choose vendors who share your values

Consider your vendors to be an extension of your customer service army. Ultimately your brand and company will be judged by the products and services that they provide, and in many cases, your customers will have direct contact with them. Research potential vendors thoroughly and make sure that they hold high standards for quality and service, paying close attention to reviews and testimonials from their own customers.

Leverage the value of a happy customer

If you follow the recommendations above, you will likely have many happy customers who can help you land even more happy customers.

Not only does word get out on its own, but you can ask satisfied customers to provide testimonials that can be shared on your website, through social media and directly with prospects who you are trying to close a deal with. Research shows that customer reviews are the most powerful factor in converting a lead in to a customer.

Build your brand around your customers and in turn they will help to build your brand!

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