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Choosing the Right Marketing Channel for Your Property Management Business

Choosing the Right Marketing Channels for Your Property Management Business.jpgMaking your business a success requires getting your brand in front of as many qualified leads as possible. But unless you have an unlimited marketing budget, this will require a bit of finesse in determining which channels are most likely to net you the best possible results. With so many options available to you, how can you choose where to focus your efforts and allocate your spend? Here are some guidelines that might help make this difficult decision much less overwhelming.

Main Marketing Channels

Website Your website is the foundation and the virtual front door of your business. It’s where the majority of your prospects will begin their journey, learn about your property management services and find out how to get in touch with you. Make sure it’s optimized for good search engine performance to ensure you’re being found online.

Blog Your blog is the engine that drives your website. Here is where you will continually connect and engage with your target audience. Take advantage by keeping it up to date with fresh, relevant content that will attract and nurture leads.

Social MediaIn the digital age, people are turning to social media sites – like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram – to learn about, connect and communicate with brands, including property management companies. There are a variety of ways you can leverage these online networks to increase brand awareness, strengthen relationships and attract more prospects.

Email Newsletters Email remains one of the most powerful, effective and affordable ways to stay connected with existing customers while also generating new interest in your property management business. Well planned out, optimized emails created and sent on a regular basis can provide the number of “touches” needed to convert those on-the-fence prospects.

Print/Direct Mail Despite our increasingly digital world, a good amount of people still prefer traditional methods of marketing, such as post cards and flyers. This can be useful in the property management industry because it provides clients and prospects with something physical that they can hold on to and use when they need assistance from your company. Regular communication this way also helps to keep your brand top of mind.

Which is Right for You?

Realistically, the most effective marketing strategy should involve a combination of all of these, so the decision will ultimately come down to how you will divvy up your budget and time. Every business is different, including those in the property management industry. What works for one may not for another and vice versa. To figure out which approach would be most profitable for your company, consider the following:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • Where is that ideal client most likely to spend his or her time (i.e. which social networks, etc.)?
  • What is working and what should be adjusted?
  • What opportunities are there for creating a more multi-channel approach?

These questions should help you determine what areas would result in the best ROI. Remember to regularly monitor and analyze so you can continuously improve your strategy. Over time, as you invest your efforts toward optimizing your approach, you’ll begin to gain momentum and hopefully achieve sustainable results that will help continue to drive your business forward.

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