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9 Ways to Boost Productivity in Property Management

9_Ways_to_Boost_Productivity_in_Property_ManagementGiven the fast-paced, sometimes hectic nature of the property management industry, one of the keys to ongoing success is the ability to remain as productive as possible. It’s incredibly easy to get bogged down by the day to day drudgery and fall behind on important tasks that area essential to driving your business forward. If you’re finding yourself struggling or could just use a few fresh ideas to help get yourself or your team back on track, here are 9 highly effective ways to boost the productivity levels in your office.

Tidy Up

You may be surprised to know that something as simple as cleaning up your workspace can dramatically increase your productivity. Clutter can be distracting and also make it difficult to do your job effectively. If you find yourself wasting time digging through piles of paperwork on a regular basis, it’s time to get organized.

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Make Lists

Keep a running list each day of the tasks that need to be completed. Organize the list in order of importance so you’ll know which things take priority. Then, as you go through and complete each item, check it off. This sense of accomplishment can really drive better performance.

Stay Focused

It may be easier said than done in the property management field, but try not to bounce from task to task. Doing so can leave several things unfinished and make you feel completely overwhelmed. Instead, focus on completing one thing at a time, in order of importance. You’ll get more done and in a much more efficient way.

Schedule Communication

Constant interruptions from incoming phone calls and emails can really hinder productivity. Instead of handling each communication as it comes in, schedule blocks of time during your day to handle your responses. For instance, block off a half hour at the beginning and end of each day to go through emails and use the half-hour after your lunch break to check messages and return phone calls.

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Make Yourself Unavailable

Sometimes you just need to put your head down and immerse yourself in your work. It’s perfectly acceptable to schedule some “do-not-disturb” time in which you will dedicate your time to whatever pressing task you’ve got on your plate. Shut your office door, turn off your ringer, close your email inbox and focus.

Leverage Technology

Some of the biggest killers of productivity are those basic but necessary everyday tasks, such as invoicing or data entry. If you have to spend several hours a day on these repetitive tasks, you’re wasting valuable time and time is money. Employ the appropriate software (preferably a product that is specific to the property management industry) and let technology handle the manual, monotonous work while you focus on more important business matters.

Take Breaks

It’s ok to take a breather from time to time. In fact, it’s critical to your sanity and your ability to do your job most effectively. Skipping lunch to get caught up on work may seem like a good idea, but burning yourself out will only make that work suffer. Take a break, go for a walk, enjoy a healthy snack and clear your head from time to time. When you return, you’ll feel better and the quality of your work will reflect that.

Connect with Teams

This is especially important in today’s mobile age, when employees may be scattered all over the country or even the globe. Connecting on a regular basis, even if it’s on a conference call or web meeting, can help keep everyone on track. Accountability can be a great catalyst for productivity.


If you’re juggling too many balls, you’re more likely to drop one and let something important slip through the cracks. You’re also more likely to become completely bogged down and subsequently unproductive. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to those who have the availability and skill set to handle them.

What tips and tricks do you employ to help stay on track and be as productive as possible? Please share your words of wisdom in the comments.


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