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6 Surefire Ways to Improve Internal Communications at Your Property Management Firm

6_Surefire_Ways_to_Improve_Internal_Communications_at_Your_Property_Management_Firm.jpgWhat do today’s most successful organizations have in common? One of the most resounding answers to that question is this: excellent internal communication. When employees feel comfortable interacting with their peers as well as with leadership, it creates a much more positive, productive work environment. But good communication doesn’t always happen naturally. In many cases, it’s something that has to be sought after and continuously improved. If your property management organization could use a little help in this area, here are a few helpful tips.

Make your vision and mission clear

People – especially Millennials, who are taking over the workforce – want to know what they’re working for. They want to understand what their role is in the big picture. The first step toward achieving open, honest communication is to make the vision and mission of your property management company abundantly clear.

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Make important information easily accessible

There’s nothing that kills productivity and morale more than having to constantly hunt down information. Eliminate this roadblock by making important data easily accessible to all employees, such as through internal software that keeps everything and everyone connected.

Lead by example

Not only is open communication important between team members, but it’s equally essential between employees and their managers. Management training should involve communication as a key initiative, and everyone in leadership roles should emulate the type of honest, transparent culture that the company wants to achieve. When employees see this, they’ll be encouraged to do the same.

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Create a dialogue and keep things flowing

It’s not always easy to disseminate important information to your employees, especially if your company is growing. Leverage all of the tools available to you, including internal networks, newsletters and the company blog. The more you make communication a priority, the more it will take root within your organization.

Encourage information sharing

If you really want to drive home the importance of good internal communication, make it a point to encourage and facilitate it on a regular basis. Include milestones and progress in this area as part of each employee and manager’s performance plan. And, of course, provide the tools necessary to promote collaboration and information sharing.

Plan external events on a regular basis

One of the key components of establishing open lines of communication is trust. A great way to foster this type of connection – between peers, leadership and across the board – is to get people out of their comfort zone. Organizing events outside of the office and conducting team building exercises can solidify relationships and make communication easier.

The more your employees communicate with one another, the more successful your organization will become. What methods have you applied with your own company that have been successful in opening the lines of communication internally? Please share in the comments below.



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