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6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Make Your Property Management Office More Productive

image.pngWhen it comes to running a successful business operation, everyone knows that time is money. The property management industry is no exception. If your workers aren’t optimizing the use of their time, it could easily be hurting your bottom line. Over the years, we’ve shared plenty of advice for boosting productivity, but today we’re going to really get down to business with some science-backed strategies that have been proven to get good results.

Tap into the power of nature

Chances are moving your property management office to a nearby park or beach isn’t feasible, but research has shown that adding a bit of nature to an office can produce real benefits. In fact, recent field studieshave revealed that employees working near plants demonstrated 15 percent higher productivity. Additionally, live plants promote healthier air, which can also improve workplace function and productivity.

Show respect and gratitude

Employees that feel genuinely appreciated tend to be more engaged and also more productive. One study by the Harvard Business Review draws the correlation between mutual support, care and kindness along with workplaces that emphasize respect and gratitude with improved productivity, performance and customer satisfaction. By creating a more positive, supportive and meaningful corporate culture in your property management company, you’ll get happier, more loyal and more productive employees.

Offer privacy

More and more organizations are implementing open office layouts. But while these workspaces do have certain benefits, such as increased communication and collaboration, completely taking away the privacy aspect can also hurt your business productivity. Noise level and other distractions can really get in the way of concentration, which can make employees less effective at performing their job duties. Designating a few areas where workers can go when they need peace and quiet can resolve this issue.

Implement natural lighting

Fluorescent lighting is not just harsh on the eyes. It’s also been associated with melatonin suppression and the exacerbation of certain medical conditions. Conversely, sunlight has been linked to increased alertness, motivation and productivity. If you can’t incorporate natural sunlight into your property management office, do the next best thing: invest in artificial lighting that simulates daylight, such as softer, more natural-toned bulbs or LED lighting. And encourage workers to take breaks and spend some time outside whenever possible.

Regulate temperatures

The temperature within your property management office could be affecting the alertness of your employees. Studies have shown that workplaces that are too warm or too cold can impact the accuracy and productivity of workers. So, what’s the ideal temperature? There have been many studies done on this, most of which place optimal workplace temperature somewhere around 21 to 25 degrees Celsius. Discuss this with your employees to gauge their comfort level and take it from there.

Encourage regular breaks

It may seem counterintuitive that taking more breaks would increase productivity, but that’s exactly what research has proven. In fact, taking several short breaks throughout the day can result in improved accuracy and enhanced productivity, particularly when it comes to routine, repetitive work. There are plenty of methods for implementing this type of strategy, several of which we highlighted here.

As you can see, there are many scientifically sound ways to boost productivity within your property management office. Try one (or several) of the suggestions listed above and see if you get the same positive results with your employees.



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