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5 Ways to Master the Art of Delegation in Property Management

5_Ways_to_Master_the_Art_of_Delegation_in_Property_ManagementWe’ve all had those bosses who seemingly take the world on their shoulders and refuse to let anyone help. They’ve been labeled everything from workaholics to information hoarders. The truth is, if you’re in a position of leadership and you’re not delegating, chances are you’re going to burn out faster than you might anticipate. And what happens then? To avoid potential problems down the road (not the least of which might be a nervous breakdown), here are some pointers for mastering the art of delegation in your property management company.

Give it some thought

Obviously there are certain aspects of your role that cannot be transferred to someone else, particularly if you hold a position in top leadership of your organization. If you really take the time, however, to go over your day to day activities with a fine-tooth comb, you’ll inevitably find a few areas that could be handled by someone else you know and trust.

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Change your perspective

Instead of looking at delegation as simply shuffling your work off to someone else, try to view the process as an opportunity for your team members to prove themselves. One of the marks of a true leader is the ability to empower and foster leadership skills in others. When you change your perspective, it can make delegating a more positive, worthwhile experience.

List tasks and prioritize

What items on your to-do list can you comfortably hand off to another team member? Now, take those tasks and list them out in order of priority. From there, you can begin to match potential delegates for each duty. It will take a bit of your time, but creating this road map will make the entire process of delegation go much more smoothly.

Identify the benefits

It can be difficult to let go of certain tasks, especially if they’ve been something you’ve handled for a significant period of time. But if you take a moment to consider how letting these things go will benefit you, it might just make the process less painful. For instance, think about how you can better use those extra 30 or 60 minutes a day to focus on achieving other, more important business objectives, such as growth or increased revenue for your property management firm.

Be flexible and get out of the way

Perhaps one of the most important rules for successful delegation is overcoming the expectation that everything has to be done your way. Remember, transferring duties from one person to another takes time and will probably result in a few bumps in the road, but if you step back and allow your delegates to spread their wings and fly, chances are they’ll prove they’re more than up to the task.

Being successful involves acknowledging the fact that you’re not super human. You simply can’t do everything. Yet, delegating to others can be a challenging experience. By applying the tips provided above, however, not only will you become a better leader, but your employees and your property management company will also grow as a result.


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