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5 Ways to Make Your Property Management Business More Agile

5_Ways_to_Make_Your_Property_Management_Business_More_AgileThe world of work is changing, and quite rapidly. Traditional workweeks are becoming obsolete in favor of flexible schedules and remote teams that have the freedom to work whenever and wherever they’re most productive. Even the very way offices are designed is changing, with boardrooms and cubicles being replaced by open design that promotes collaboration and innovation. Only those businesses that are able to adapt and evolve will continue to realize success in tomorrow’s workplace.

Is your property management organization agile enough to withstand these changes? If not, here are 5 things you can start doing today to improve your odds.

Eliminate Silos

Agile organizations contain internal operations that are cohesive, not fragmented. If each department within your property management company is acting as an island, the business as a whole will struggle when it comes to adopting new ways of working. Start by breaking down these barriers and creating a culture that focuses on the importance of working together, not separately.

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Manage Change

Change management is quite the buzzword these days, and for good reason. As the workplace continues to evolve, businesses must find a way to embrace these changes and adapt in a way that is least disruptive. Having an effective change management strategy that identifies and addresses the common challenges employees and teams will face can truly make the difference.

Focus on Incremental Improvements 

Changing your property management organization’s entire culture isn’t something that can (or should) happen overnight. In fact, trying to achieve one huge transformational change will likely result in more problems than it solves. Focus instead on creating an atmosphere of constant improvements on an incremental basis. This will make change more manageable and less frightening to your employees, yet will lead to a larger transformation over time.

Streamline the Decision-Making Process

For a firm to become more agile, decisions must be made in as timely and effective a manner as possible. This may mean developing a formal strategy of who will be responsible for which decisions and what the timeline is for such a scenario. That way as changes occur, the appropriate actions will be taken without delay.

Embrace Fear

Interestingly enough, one of the key characteristics of strong, effective leaders consistently listed is that of vulnerability, or the ability to acknowledge fear and move through it. On a grander scale, in order for your property management organization to become more agile, there must be a cultural shift that embraces fear as well as recognizes, allows and even welcomes mistakes. Only when this occurs can you truly adapt, improve and realize future success.

As we move full-speed ahead nto the future of work, it’s becoming increasingly evident that only those organizations that are agile in nature will survive. In fact, agility not only helps a business perform better internally, but also provides a greater level of competitive advantage, both from a customer service standpoint as well as a talent management perspective. Is your property management business ready for what’s to come? Perhaps it’s time to start making some changes now to avoid getting left behind.


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