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5 Ways to Gain a Competitive Advantage in Property Management

5-Ways-to-Gain-Competitive-Advantage-in-Property-ManagementIt’s no secret that the property management industry is a fiercely competitive one. With so many options available to property owners, the only way to stay afloat and remain successful is by finding a way to set your organization apart from all of the others in your area. So how will you do this? There are plenty of ways to get ahead of the game – you just have to be creative and forward thinking. Here are a few helpful hints on how you can give your property management business a competitive advantage and come out on top.

Set Up a Dynamic Website

In this day and age, if you don’t have a company website, you’re almost certainly losing business. But simply having a website isn’t necessarily enough to win you new clients. To be truly effective, your website must be dynamic and able to captivate the attention of web visitors within the first few seconds of landing on your page. It must also be easy to navigate and comprehensive – you want it to be able to easily convey your message and effectively answer any questions or concerns your prospective clients may have. The more your website draws people in, the better your chances of winning their business over your competitors.

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Provide Value

One of the best ways to win new customers and keep existing ones satisfied is by learning what their wants and needs are and then addressing them. Understand the questions or concerns of your target market and then provide them with ample resources to meet those needs. This can be done through a comprehensive FAQ on your website, helpful articles on your company blog, video tutorials and engagement through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. The more value and benefit you provide to your clients and prospects, the more loyal they’ll be to your business.

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Offer Superior Service

Employ tools within your organization that will help keep you and your team organized and on top of things, which is critical in our fast paced industry. Tools like property management software can help you streamline business processes, improve internal and external communication and ultimately increase customer satisfaction levels. Your clients will see that you are able to meet all of their needs in a timely, professional and organized manner, which will help set you apart from others in the market.

Leverage Visual Media

Chances are you work with a lot of incredibly beautiful properties. Why not showcase some of your best features by sharing them through rich visual media. Post lots of high resolution photos and videos on your website, blog, and across your social media channels. You can even make customized videos in which you discuss some of your services to really draw prospects in and show them why you’re the property management company that they should choose to work with.

Showcase Your Uniqueness

Every organization has at least one thing that makes them unique and helps them stand out amongst the competition. Don’t expect your prospects to automatically know what that is – show them and tell them! Point out the unique, value-added services you provide and highlight what it is that makes your organization different from all the others. Perhaps it’s that you offer more comprehensive start-to-finish service, or that you employ cutting edge software that allows you to provide highly detailed reports on demand. Whatever it is that you feel is your specialty, make sure you’re clearly communicating it in your marketing material and across all of your online channels.

The property management industry is a densely populated field. Finding a way to stand out amongst your competition can be a challenge, but it certainly isn’t impossible. The five suggestions listed here should be enough to get you started and help get your creative juices flowing so you can come up with a few of your own ways to showcase what makes your organization unique and special, and hopefully turn those prospective clients into loyal customers.

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