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5 Steps to Better Workplace Collaboration in Property Management

5 Steps to Better Workplace Collaboration in Property Management.pngIs collaboration really that important? Well, according to one recent study, 86 percent of executives and employees blame lack of collaboration and/or ineffective communication for workplace failures. The reason collaboration is so impactful is because it facilitates knowledge sharing, which leads to innovation. In a highly saturated field like property management, this innovation can help position your company ahead of the competition.

If your organization is struggling in this area, here are a few ways you can turn things around for the better.

Start at the top

Encourage management to lead by example. For instance, instead of using email to get a message out, have executives use the collaboration tools you have in place. This will inspire others to follow suit and also create a greater sense of transparency.

Define and communicate a shared vision and purpose

Effective collaboration should open employees’ eyes to their role in the bigger picture. When workers at every level understand how their work impacts the success (and failures) of the company as a whole, they will be more likely to make a meaningful contribution to the team.

Foster relationships

Developing relationships in the workplace does more than just create a harmonious environment. In fact, employees who have a friend at the office are 27 percent more likely to feel as though their opinion matters at work, and are thereby more likely to share their thoughts freely. Property management leaders can take advantage of this by encouraging positive, productive interaction such as through team building activities.

Create a diverse workspace

In this instance, we’re not actually referring to the employees themselves, but rather the environment in which they work. Studies have shown that people are more likely to collaborate when they have unplanned interactions. Create a diverse office layout that encourages an ongoing flow of personnel. The more likely employees are to run into one another, the more creative energy will flow throughout your property management company.

Don’t forget privacy

One mistake many organizations make when trying to foster collaboration is to create an entirely open workplace by eliminating barriers like office doors and cubicles. But while this does have its benefits, it’s also important to understand the value of privacy. Oftentimes the best collaboration comes from small brainstorming sessions that occur behind closed doors.

It may take time, space and money to bring employees together, but the long-term, sustainable benefits your property management company will gain as a result make collaboration well worth the investment.

What are you doing to improve communication and collaboration within your organization?

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