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5 Simple Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Property Management Blog

5-Simple-Ways-Get-More-Traffic-Property-Management-BlogIn past blog posts we’ve pointed out the importance of maintaining an active property management blog as part of your compelling website. Not only does this provide you with a way to connect with your audience, but it’s also incredibly important for website ranking, since search engines like Google place strong emphasis on relevant, frequently updated content.

Yet all the blog posting in the world won’t do you any good if nobody is actually reading what you’re posting. That said, here are 5 simple things that you can start doing right away to drive more traffic to your blog.

Focus on Quality

It’s not so much about posting an article every day as it is about offering content that is engaging and helpful to your audience. Otherwise there’d be no incentive for people to visit or – more importantly – share your content with others. Even the search engines have begun to shift from a focus on how many keywords a post contains to how relevant it is to the target audience. Give people what they want and need, and they’ll keep coming back.

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Keep it Simple

Most people who are surfing the net don’t have time to read 10 pages of content, nor do they want to. Blogs by nature are short and simple. Make your posts easy to read and digest quickly. Try focusing on bullet pointed or numbered lists or content that is broken up by key points highlighted in bold so that the reader can easily scan through and glean the message being delivered.

Link to Other Relevant Content

If you’re referencing a certain statistic or other fact in your blog post, linking back to the source can help boost your ranking on the search engine and get your blog noticed more. This is especially helpful when the page you’re linking to is from a high ranking site.

Ask for Feedback

There’s no better way to get more interest in your blog posts than by using them to engage with your audience. At the end of each article, ask a relevant, thought-provoking question and encourage your readers to comment with their ideas, thoughts or opinions. Asking for feedback is also a great way to determine what type of content your readers would like to see most so you can focus on that moving forward.

Encourage Sharing

In the web content world, sharing really is caring. Make it easy for your readers to share your blog posts with their own networks by including social share buttons right within each post. You can even remind readers at the end of your article that if they enjoyed what they read, they should share it with others.

By now you’re already aware of how important an active property management blog is to your online presence. Yet writing blog posts and offering great content is only half the battle. For your blog to truly be successful, you have to actually get people to click on and read your posts, and hopefully share them with others. These five simple tips should have your blog garnering the attention it deserves in no time.

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