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5 Ideas for Property Management Blog Topics

5-Ideas-for-Property-Management-Blog-TopicsOne of the most important components of your online presence is your company blog. This provides an excellent avenue for you to share information, connect with existing and prospective clients, promote a relationship with tenants and much more. Blogs are also extremely effective in terms of SEO, which means a quality, active blog will help get you found in web searches. What happens when you can’t think of what to write about? If you’re out of ideas and struggling to keep your blog afloat, here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing again.

Do “Top 5” Lists for Local Businesses

There are countless different top five posts you can do. For instance, you can share the top five restaurants in your area and the reasons why each made the list. Or, you can list the top five activities to do with children, on date night, etc. Not only are these topics easy to choose and write about, but they’re extremely helpful to your audience, so they’re much more likely to be shared socially.

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Share Seasonal Posts

Think about what’s trending in your area based on the time of year and you’ll probably have no problem coming up with ideas for what to write about. For example, during winter months, sledding or skiing may be prevalent in your area. You could provide a list of local facilities where people can participate in these activities, or offer some safety tips.

Host an Event and Write About It

Hosting community events provide excellent networking and PR opportunities. They also give you plenty to write about. Share some information prior to the event to get people excited about attending, and then provide a recap via your blog once the event is over. Don’t forget to ask for feedback or suggestions for your next gathering. This gets readers engaged, which helps boost visibility and web ranking.

Talk Technology

If you have quality property management software in place, chances are you’ve got some great features that your tenants and clients may not even be aware of. Share information about things like your online portal, web payment options and anything else that your audience may find useful. Spinoff posts, such as the benefits of paying online vs. via check are also great topic ideas.

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Offer Tips, Suggestions and Advice

Weather safety tips, home improvement advice and anything else you are knowledgeable about can make excellent topics for your property management blog. Just be sure to keep the writing readable and free from acronyms and industry jargon, otherwise your expert advice will be too difficult to understand.

Other blogging tips include:

• Sit down for a brainstorming session and come up with a list of as many blog topic ideas as you can.
• Create an editorial calendar and schedule out your posts. Include time for writing, editing and publishing. This will help you stay on top of your blog and keep content flowing.
• Share all posts via your other channels, including email newsletters and social media accounts.
• Make blog posts easy to share by including social sharing links on each one.
• Use local keywords wherever they fit naturally in your blog posts, but don’t overdo it.
• Ask your audience what topics they’d like to read about.

Managing a company blog is an essential part of running a successful property management business, but coming up with ideas for content can be challenging. These suggestions should give you enough to run with so that your blog will be well- populated for months and even years to come.

What topics do you like to write about? Which subjects seem to really get your audience engaged? We’d love to hear about it! Please share in the comments.

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