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4 Effective Ways to Improve Productivity in Property Management

4_Effective_Ways_to_Improve_Productivity_in_Your_Property_Management_FirmIt’s no secret that decreased productivity can cost a business dearly, and the property management industry is no exception. If your workers are not focused 100% on their daily duties you’re not getting your money’s worth. With so many distractions, from email and internet to phone calls and other interruptions, what can you do to ensure that all of your employees are committed to doing their jobs in the most efficient and productive way? Here are 4 things to start trying right away.

Implement a Culture of Transparency 

Some corporations that have successfully maximized productivity have done so by creating a culture in which everyone is open about what their responsibilities are as well as how and when they’ll get things done. This transparency holds employees accountable and makes it more difficult to slack off, thereby keeping productivity levels high. As a bonus, this also promotes a more open, collaborative work environment.

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Optimize Email

Like it or not, email will probably always be a part of your life, as well as your workers’. Constant incoming messages can be an incredible distraction, however, especially in the hectic world of property management. Luckily, most email platforms offer certain features that can make managing the inbox a more efficient task. For instance, some allow filtering of more important messages so they can be prioritized while others provide the ability to “mute” group messages that are not relevant. Take advantage of these options and make sure your employees are properly trained on how to use them.

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Set Goals and Expectations 

Sometimes it takes a good, old fashioned deadline looming to keep employees focused and on track. Set clear-cut goals and expectations, along with specific time frames for completion and stick with them. When your workers understand what they’re supposed to accomplish and when, they’ll be more likely to remain on task and avoid unnecessary distractions. Remember to reward positive response and address problems in a timely manner to help reinforce your plan of action.

Leverage Technology

One of the biggest challenges property management companies face in today’s digital age is mobility. That is, keeping everyone on track wherever they may be. Making sure your in-house employees remain productive is one thing, but what about those who are out in the field or working remotely? Leverage technological tools, such as virtual meetings and property management software to keep everyone in the loop and on task.

The concept is simple, yet profound. Improve productivity and you will improve the success of your business. Yet, understanding the importance of this and actually achieving it are two entirely different things. By implementing the above four strategies, you can start to see a real improvement in the way your employees work, which will in turn contribute to the ongoing success of your firm.

How do you maximize productivity in your company? Please share in the comments below.


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