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4 Communication Mistakes that Could Be Killing Your Property Management Connections

4 Communication Mistakes that Could Be Killing Your Property Management Connections4 Communication Mistakes that Could Be Killing Your Property Management Connections.pngWe recently shared some tips on how to make your professional networking more worthwhile. But what happens if you’re struggling with initiating that communication in the first place? The truth is, in property management, connecting with people on a daily basis is a critical part of doing your job, whether it’s getting help from a colleague, discussing something with your boss, contacting a client or reaching out to a vendor. More importantly, you have to do so effectively. If you are making any of the following four mistakes, it could be harming your chances for ongoing success.

Talking too much

It happens to the best of us. We have a lot to say and usually a limited amount of time to relay that information, so it’s easy to fall into the habit of dominating the conversation. But effective communication is a two-way street – especially in property management. The other party likely has just as much to share as you do, not to mention questions or comments about what you’ve already said. Always make a conscious effort to stop, take a step back and listen. You might be surprised at what you learn.

Not talking enough

Wait….didn’t we did just admonish you for oversharing? Well, yes, but going too far in the other direction can be equally damaging to creating valuable connections. If the other party has to carry the conversation or you are only answering questions with one word answers, it’s going to be difficult to really open the doors of communication. It can be challenging, but the goal is to find that middle ground where both you and the person you are conversing with have an equal chance to speak, listen and learn about one another.

Oversharing Personal Information

It’s perfectly fine – even encouraged – for those fostering business relationships to share a little bit about who they are personally. It can help you find a commonality over which to bond. For instance, in sharing a particular hobby, you may learn that the other person has a similar interest which can help spark conversation and deepen the connection between you. But be careful not to delve too deeply into your own personal business; otherwise you’ll risk being viewed as unprofessional. For instance, that new property management client doesn’t need to know you’re going through a messy divorce or had too much to drink the night before.

Being Too Negative

Life isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses, and it’s ok to air your grievances from time to time but if you’re constantly venting to your connections and always complaining, don’t be surprised if they start avoiding you altogether. Nobody likes a Negative Nelly. If you have a tendency to go in this direction, pay close attention to the message you’re relaying. If you find yourself starting to grumble, do whatever it takes to snap out of it and put a more positive spin on things.

Making connections is an integral part of being successful in the property management business. Make sure you’re doing your part to foster positive, productive communication with other parties so everyone can benefit from those relationships you’re creating and nurturing.

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