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3 Keys to Capturing and Nurturing Property Management Leads

3_Keys_to_Capturing_and_Nurturing_Property_Management_LeadsAre you getting enough leads to sustain and grow your property management business? What is the quality of those leads? More importantly, are you doing enough to nurture and convert those leads? To realize continued success, it’s critical that your business bring in solid leads that have the greatest potential of being converted into paying customers. To do this, you must employ the appropriate tactics. Let’s take a look at the 3 keys to marketing your services that will help you get the most out of your leads.

Clear and Compelling Call to Action

Are you effectively convincing prospects to do business with you? Every part of your marketing strategy should include a clear call to action, or CTA. More specifically, your marketing should:

  • Communicate what your prospects should do (i.e. sign up for your newsletter, book an appointment, etc.)
  • Explain why your prospects should take the desired action (demonstrate the benefit for them)
  • Guide your prospects to that next step (and make it as easy as possible to do so)

This is important and incredibly powerful because, well, sometimes people need to be prompted on what to do. They may not consider taking that next step unless they’re told to do so. It can also help to add a sense of urgency, like making something time-sensitive. Often times when someone feels as though they’ll miss out if they don’t act right away, they’ll be more likely to convert.

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Accurate Links

One of the biggest reasons marketing campaigns fail is because they’re not properly linked to the appropriate landing pages. Even if you create an incredibly compelling call to action, if you’re directing your leads to the wrong place, you’re missing the mark and you’re probably also missing out on new business. Make sure that you have well-designed landing pages that are dynamic and easy to use, and then ensure that all marketing tools are linked accordingly. For instance, if one of your campaigns is to get more signups for your email newsletter, any and all ads relating to that campaign should link back to an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly sign-up page. If your prospects have to search around to find what they’re looking for, they probably won’t bother.

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Consistent Follow-Up

There’s a reason why retargeting is such an effective marketing tool. It’s because following up on someone who hasn’t pulled the trigger on a purchase can vastly improve the chances of converting them. The same concept applies to property management. If someone visited your website, clicked on one of your ads, checked out a listing or interacted with you in any way that is traceable, following up with them is an absolute must. Even if it’s just a friendly “hello,” by reaching out and extending their experience with your property management firm, you’ll have a much greater chance of landing their business if and when they’re ready.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of techniques you can use to capture leads, but unless you’re employing the 3 tips above, chances are you’re not getting as much of a return as you could be. By including a compelling CTA that links to the appropriate landing pages and always following up with your prospective clients, you’ll be much more likely to convert them from maybes to resounding yesses.

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