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3 Key Characteristics of Modern Property Management Clients

3_Key_Characteristics_of_Modern_Property_Management_Clients.jpgAs paradoxical as it may seem, if there’s one thing that remains constant in the business world, it’s change. The tools and techniques you once used to market your property management services to customers even just ten years ago are likely no longer effective. Today’s modern client has evolved to present a whole new set of needs, desires and pain points and unless you adapt your approach to accommodate these changes, your efforts will inevitably fall short. To make things a bit easier, we’ve outlined the 3 key characteristics of what today’s property management customers are looking for.


Keeping your customers at arm’s length and giving them only the information that you feel they need to know may have been perfectly acceptable in the past, but not anymore. To the contrary, today’s consumers prefer to work with companies that provide them with openness, honesty, transparency and accessibility. To address this, make information easy to locate and obtain through things like online portals.

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Today’s consumer expects to be heard when they speak up and they expect it almost instantly. This is evident in the rise of social tools like Twitter as a means to resolve customer complaints. To appeal to this, make it as simple and straightforward as possible for your clients to contact your firm whenever they need to and at the click of a button if necessary.

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It’s important to remember that we are now dealing with an entire generation that was born into a hyper-connected world. Just about every adult on the planet owns a smartphone and an impressive number of those individuals are mobile-only, meaning that’s the method they use to do everything from making traditional phone calls and sending texts to surfing the web and conducting their day-to-day activities. Assuage this need for connectivity by making your property management site mobile-friendly and offering the convenience of online account management.

The fact is, the modern customer is not going to change to accommodate outdated business practices. In order to reach, connect with, persuade and retain today’s savvy property management clientele, you must adapt your marketing and operational strategies to meet them where they are and give them what they need and want. The 3 key areas above should provide you with a solid foundation to help better position your organization for future success in the modern marketplace.


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