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Reduce Vacancy Rates and Find Great Tenants With Photos

reduce-vacancy-rates-find-great-tenantsAs a property manager, you’ve probably written dozens if not hundreds of listings to try and rent or lease the properties you manage. Aside from compelling copy that really captures the attention of your target audience, another critical component of your listings is quality photographs. Not only do pictures serve to back up your words, but they’re also beneficial in many other ways. If you’re trying to reduce vacancy rates and land the perfect tenants, here’s a few more reasons why including great photos in your property listings is key.

They appeal to the powerful sense of sight

Studies have found that our brains process images 60,000 faster than text. That means that while your well-written copy may serve its purpose to some degree (like a captivating headline to draw people in), it’s your pictures that will really get their attention.

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They establish a sense of trust

Anybody can describe a property as beautiful and unique, but only photographs will prove it. By providing high quality images within your listing, you’ll already have begun to establish a sense of trust with your prospects. They’ll see with their eyes that what you’re telling them is accurate before they call to schedule a viewing.

They’re more likely to land you appointments

If listings with photos get more attention, it only stands to reason that the more people you have viewing your property ads, the more appointments you’ll be setting. A larger pool of applicants improves the chances you’ll find great tenants.

They show prospects you’ll go the extra mile

By taking the time to photograph your property and share several compelling images within your listing, you’ll subconsciously communicate your willingness to go the extra mile.

All this being said, here are a few tips for choosing the right photos to really showcase your properties in a way that will get attention and response:

• Quality is key – Use a high-resolution camera to take pictures of your property. Blurry, low-res pictures, such as those that come from mobile phones, can end up turning people off.
• Quantity matters too – In most cases, quality is more important than quantity, but when it comes to the number of photos you share in your property listings, the more the better. Showcase as many features of your property as the listing site you’re using allows.
• Stage the place – If possible, stage the property to make it look lived in (neat and tidy, of course). This can help prospects envision themselves living there and improve the chances of booking a walk-through.
• Use proper lighting – Don’t take pictures with the blinds closed or in dim lighting. This can make your property look less than appealing.
• Consider placement – When adding photos to your listing, try to place them in logical order based on the layout of your property. This improves the experience for the viewer.

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Listing properties takes a certain degree of artistry, both in terms of the written word and in capturing the essence of the place in pictures. Don’t leave this important second step out, or you may find yourself waiting longer than you’d like to land that ideal tenant. These tips should help your listings to stand out and increase your response rate exponentially.


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