Partnership Alliance with: IT and Management Consultants

Netintegrity solutions can create new opportunities for IT and management consultants. In addition to receiving a 10% Referral Fee* for companies you introduce to Netintegrity, our Referral Partner Program will allow you to expand your current service offering and to establish a long-term relationship with your client.

Some of the management and IT consultants see the Netintegrity Referral Alliance Partner Program as a way to generate revenue; others want to maintain impartiality. Recognizing the above, Netintegrity offers several options to support your goal of being a valued partner to both Netintegrity and your client:

  • You can pass the Referral Fee on to your client in the form of a “Your Advantage Discount”— a 10% value add discount* from your company.
  • You can take Referral Fee in cash and (1) apply as a discount to future services provided to same customer or (2) add it to your bottom line.
  • You can offer the Referral Fee to a charity of your choice, a charity supported by your customer or participate in the Netintegrity Community Giving Program initiative.
  • You can refer clients but elect not to receive a referral fee. You will still benefit from membership in the program by gaining access to a better understanding INFO-Tracker’s advantages; receiving product demonstrations and new product information; industry news and information; and other services offered exclusively to Netintegrity Referral Partners.

With the INFO-Tracker Property Management Solution offering, consultants are in position to capture revenue that traditionally was captured by system integrators and VARS with extensive development background only.  INFO-Tracker’s user-friendly design allows system configuration to be done using user-interfaces which can be used by anyone with good knowledge of:

  • internal business workflow requirements
  • corporate standards
  • user privileges and roles
  • other configuration requirements within the software.

Those IT and management consultants who are familiar with INFO-Tracker can now provide these types of services on an on-going basis without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

By leveraging the INFO-Tracker delivery model and the Referral Alliance Partner Program, IT and management consultants can “bundle” business process improvement and other consultative services in conjunction with INFO-Tracker pre and post implementation.

IT and management consultants also benefit when their clients use INFO-Tracker. As a turn-key enterprise-wide solution, INFO-Tracker captures data on all aspects of a company’s operations. In the event you are working with the customer on improving a new process, implementing a new business strategy or expanding your business offering, referral fees will also apply to all work performed by Netintegrity in view of the above.

Take the next step toward offering more comprehensive services, securing longer-term client relationships, and helping your clients become more efficient, competitive and profitable. Join the Netintegrity Referral Alliance Partner Program today. Register Now!