Netintegrity Support

“During implementation and on an on-going basis, we have called upon Netintegrity for training, questions, and recommendations in different areas of the system. Consistently throughout the entire period we have received timely and knowledgeable support. At this time we rely on INFO-Tracker for many of its functions and it is comforting to know that their support is always there when needed. “

– Ken Gibson, Client Services Supervisor

Netintegrity’s support team has decades of combined industry experience that contributes to practical solutions for world-class property management companies. Help desk support is available by telephone and remote access for on-demand support programs tailored to specific end-user needs.

Experience and a commitment to continual learning have resulted in segment-specific solutions that are user-friendly and fully integrated. Decades of working with world-class property management companies inform and shape our technology consulting services, which include:

Project planning

Network Architecture Design

Corporate Standards Definition

Technology Feasibility Studies

Custom Development

Implementation Plans and Services

Risk Management and Analysis

Customer Focused Excellence

Netintegrity brings tailored solutions to every staff member at every company level, from staff to upper management. Complete, end-to-end integration means solutions and benefits are company-wide.
Our consulting services balance the need for superior technology with client cost considerations to ensure optimal return on investment. We go into each consulting engagement to:

Match the need with the latest in technology

Be solutions-focused for complex problems

Simplify labor-intensive processes

Maximize solution ROI

Test for alternatives that best fit client needs

Make implementation easy

Provide solutions that adapt to company change

We provide customers with flexible and cost-effective training options. iTCare Training is client-focused to meet the specific needs of every company, and company structure, processes, and budget are all considered in the training solution.

iTCare Training starts with properly understanding company needs and expectations and then matches those to our subject matter experts. Training begins with critical areas where the most significant benefit exists. We then drill down as needed to meet client-specific goals.

The iTCareTraining™ has training options to fit every organizational need in course offerings and formats. Classes can be offered on-site, virtually, or at our locations. Our training professionals have real-world experience that translates into total training solutions regardless of operational need or level of the company. World-class organizations receive training in.

Best Practices


Property Management

Maintenance and Asset Management

Electronic Banking

Executive Solutions and Controls

Process Control and Automation


Risk Management

System Admin

Company administrators or project teams receive training to ensure INFO-Tracker's benefits stay continually optimized for the organization's needs. Instructor-led courses prepare your people to make an ongoing and ever-growing impact on company success. Contact your account manager to learn about program availability, dates, and locations.

End User

End users have diverse functions and needs. Our programs address department-specific needs with cost and time-effective solutions. The curriculum is tailored to fit the INFO-Tracker solution specific to your company to ensure the INFO-Tracker usage produces optimal results. Your account manager is happy to provide you with training availability, dates, and locations.

Streamline, Deliver, Delight

iTCare Training and Consulting solutions help you operate more efficiently, control costs, and foster ongoing process improvements.

The iTCare Consulting™ team comprises experts proficient in delivering complete company solutions, including professional services, training, and support. They ensure that implementation value is fast-tracked and the organization has continuing value growth from its INFO-Tracker solution.

iTCare OneTeam

iTCare™ OneTeam implementation is a cooperative process with your project team that is hands-on and effective.

iTCare Assistant

Organizations that choose to manage their deployments use iTCare™ Assistant as their roadmap. Regardless of business level or process need, iTCare Assistant has solutions for self-guided rollouts.

iTCare Road Map

Years of best practices implementation have produced iTCare™ RoadMap. Planning and meeting implementation needs, including schedules and processes, are easy and effective using iTCare Road Map.

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