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How to Maximize the Responsiveness of Your Property Maintenance Team

maximize-the-responsiveness-of-your-property-maintenance-teamAs part of our ongoing efforts to continually improve the capabilities of the industry-leading INFO-Tracker™ Property Management, Maintenance and Accounting platform, Netintegrity has recently introduced enhanced mobile features to the Purchasing module of this one unified property management suite.

INFO-Tracker’s Purchasing module enables property managers to maintain tighter controls over inventory and ensure that property maintenance teams are positioned to be highly responsive — each and every time.

It’s well known throughout our industry that maintenance service is one of the key factors influencing tenant retention — and conversely, if left unmonitored, can cause a significant strain on budget.

Netintegrity’s goal with the recent enhancements is to help avoid scenarios such as;

• maintenance staff being hindered from completing a work order because a needed part or material is not in stock, or;

• maintenance staff driving around between sites looking for a part needed or driving to Home Depot to purchase a part that is already in inventory.

At the same time we recognize the importance of not tying up precious capital or taking up too much storage space by having more inventory on hand than is actually needed.

That’s where the INFO-Tracker™ Purchasing module comes in. Maintenance management is refined as your purchasing department stays on top of inventory levels and strikes the perfect balance between too little and too much.

With the INFO-Tracker™ notification system, inventory level minimums are constantly monitored, automatically sending alerts when supply drops below the set quantity. The other major time saver is centralized purchasing with automated part distribution to buildings where inventory is being kept.

The mobile-ready Timesheet module gives maintenance staff on the road instant access to all items in inventory, making them always in the know, and able to use their time efficiently dealing with maintenance related issues, rather than driving around sourcing parts. In addition, as the work being completed is logged in the system, any parts or materials used are indicated, automatically adjusting the quantity on hand for each corresponding item in real time.

With a number of online look ups and reports available in the system, the Purchasing module enables management to easily view all pertinent information related to purchases made, as well as items received and allocated to their required destination. The re-ordering process is now simplified, backed by accurate per building inventory re-order requirements.

INFO-Tracker’s Purchasing module and its corresponding reporting capabilities also provides property managers with accurate insights that enable them to manage more proactively. For instance, excessive consumption of a particular part or material by a given property could be the result of a more serious maintenance issue that needs to be addressed, or even fraudulent activity that requires investigation.

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