iTCare Support

Netintegrity support team of professionals has knowledge, education and experience necessary to deliver and address most challenging support services. Our help desk operation includes telephone and remote access support designed to deliver immediate access on demand when required by the user, with a variety of support programs custom tailored to the end-user requirements.

Working with and listening to management companies across all segments of property management for many years, We Get It! What you expect is: Easy to Use, User Friendly, Integrated and Automated.

In addition, Netintegrity provides an array of information technology consulting services, which include:

Project planning

Network Architecture Design

Corporate Standards Definition

Technology Feasibility Studies

Custom Development

Implementation Plans and Services

Risk Management and Analysis

Customer Focused Excellence

NI objective is to provide you with knowledge and expertise structured to support all areas of your business: front line staff, management and technical services. We pride ourselves on delivering knowledgeable, cost-effective practical recommendations and value oriented solutions.

NI’s “Customer Focused Excellence” practical approach to consulting services strives to balance technological innovation, with realistic, feasible, cost-effective solutions. Our consulting objective includes:

Making the best use of currently available technology whenever possible

Provide innovative solutions to complex problems

Simplify where possible in complex environments

Provide REAL value to our customers

Always explore all feasible alternatives

Assist in developing or develop implementation plans

Provide long term flexible solutions

Streamline, Deliver, Delight

iTCare Training and Consulting solutions help you operate more efficiently, control costs, and foster ongoing process improvements.

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