INFO-Tracker Solution Provider Alliance

INFO-Tracker Solution Provider Program is design to provide turn-key business solution based on which each partner is to realize continues business growth build on residual revenue and long term partnership with their customers. By becoming INFO-Tracker Solution Provider, you are assured that you will impress your clients and prospects with offerings which will became available to you and will increase your new client acquisitions, while driving your top-line revenue.

Netintegrity’s Solution Provider Program is designed for experienced business professionals with background in different complementing areas who are interested in growing their businesses. As more and more management companies are looking for ways to streamline their business and create efficiencies producing higher rate of returns, the opportunities for solution providers are bigger and better than ever before.

If you are interested in extending your company’s market reach while expanding your customer base and earning recurring revenue while helping your customers to automate business management processes, reduce IT costs and maintenance, make better decisions, and improve collaboration within their organization; then contact Netintegrity today.

Benefits to Solution Provider Partners

INFO-Tracker Solution Provider Partners benefit from the program in many ways:

  • Increased product and service offering
  • Broader market place
  • Solution Based sales
  • Increased customer retention
  • Annually residual revenue
  • Ability to “bundle” your specialized services around your client’s business needs
  • Access to co-branded marketing materials, whitepapers, and webinars .
  • Exclusive access to information on INFO-Tracker features, benefits, and new product releases
  • Association with the leading provider of integrated Property, Assets and Maintenance Management Software Solutions

* There is a cost associated with joining INFO-Tracker Solution Provider Program.

Benefits to Customers

Companies you introduce to INFO-Tracker will benefit from a substantially lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than they would experience with “traditional” or competitive software. The INFO-Tracker enterprise management software solution will automate and integrate every business process of Property Management organization including: Property, Asset, Accounting, Maintenance, Banking incorporating many industry-specific capabilities that will position your customers to become more efficient,  competitive and profitable.

Are you interested in extending your company’s market reach, expanding your customer base, and earn recurring revenue? Are you interested in helping your customers to automate their business management processes, reduce operational costs and to create cetralized fully integrated environemnt, in order to make better decisions, enhance customer servce, improve collaboration within their organization and to be more profitable? Should the answear be “Yes”,  then contact Netintegrity today.

Netintegrity is currently looking for regional sales partners to market and sell INFO-Tracker solutions in the following markets:

  • Alberta, Canada
  • British Columbia, Canada
  • California, US
  • Florida, US
  • Illinois, US
  • New York/New Jersey, US
  • New Foundland/Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Texas, US

To receive more information about the INFO-Tracker Solution Provider Program and how to get started, click here. You can also contact us via email, or call us directly at 1-800-231-5162.