INFO-Tracker OnSite

Property Management INFO-Tracker OnSite

INFO-Tracker™ OnSite is holistic in its management solution and data gathering. Maintenance processes are streamlined both at top-level management and on the ground. Reporting is real-time, not performed at the end of a crew’s shift, and faster action keeps problems from becoming more costly down the road.

Asset inventory tracking prevents problems from happening and provides data that helps better value properties. Mobile connectivity provides work orders to those in the field and means post-service updates get entered. Automated administration allows staff to concentrate on higher-value tasks.


Real-time information accessible from anywhere fosters lean, responsive operations

Communication is no longer a hurdle but an asset

Robust data means more informed decision making

Reduced administrative needs mean increased focus on other initiatives

Address problems before they happen and lower risk

Reduced cost of ownership and increased revenue

Key Features

Tenant notices are auto-populated

Real-time, maintenance on the go

Lease renewals are automated and simplified

Automatically calculated condo fees

Common area maintenance reconciliation

Electronic reminders and dispatch

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