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How to Manage Homeowner Conflict Resolution Digitally

Like it or not, where there are neighbors, there will inevitably be disputes. Homeowner A doesn’t like the way homeowner B cuts his shrubs while homeowner C is growing increasingly annoyed by how loud homeowner D plays his music, and so on and so forth.

To maintain peace and order within the community, HOAs and community managers often find themselves playing the role of mediator. But, who’s got the time? Thankfully, there are new ways to resolve conflict quickly and efficiently.

Here are three ways you can leverage digital tools for effective conflict resolution.


These days, almost everyone has a smartphone, and most people who own these devices are familiar with texting. By putting together a group SMS, you can quickly gather the parties involved and work toward resolving the issue while also maintaining a documented digital record of the interaction. This can be valuable for future reference.


Similar to texting, most people use email on a regular basis. Another way to create an electronic “paper” trail of a dispute resolution is to create a group email with everyone involved. The only caveat here is to be sure every response is sent as a “reply to all”, so all parties remain informed of any and all communications.

Online Portals

Conflicts can easily be managed when there are clear rules and regulations in place. An online portal is a great resource for keeping this information centralized, available and easily accessible. With community management software, board members can quickly point homeowners toward whatever resource is appropriate to clear up discrepancies and set expectations. Discussions can be held digitally right within the platform, making communication seamless while fully documenting the process.

Technological solutions, like Netintegrity’s full-stack community association management software, allow homeowners and managers to streamline and optimize communication, including conflict resolution. With instant access from anywhere, all involved parties can quickly and effectively resolve their issues, ultimately leading to a safer, more peaceful community environment.

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