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How to Hire ‘A Players’ for Your Property Management Company

How to Hire ‘A Players’ for Your Property Management CompanyYour property management company can’t achieve sustainable success without top-notch employees to keep things running smoothly. Steve Jobs once said the key to his success at Apple was hiring extraordinarily talented people he called “A players.” But recruiting and retaining A-list talent isn’t always as easy as it may seem. In fact, in today’s market, it can be downright challenging. If you’re finding yourself in this boat, here are a few strategies that may help.

Tap into your network.

When trying to fill an open role, don’t forget about your existing network of people you know and respect. Ask them if they have any talented professionals they might recommend. This can save you a lot of time because these individuals will already be somewhat vetted.

Cast a wide net.

One common hiring mistake managers make is looking for individuals who are just like the rest of the team. Diversity, however, brings texture to a team that can facilitate creative thinking and innovation. It can also help to address the skills gap. When hiring, don’t look for cookie-cutter images of what you already have. Look, instead, for prospects whose skills and talents would complement your existing team.

Focus on cultural fit.

If you’ve been managing people for some time, you’ve probably seen your share of individuals who were intelligent and capable, yet failed at a particular job due to a poor cultural fit. Skills can be taught. Attitude and personality cannot. It’s more important to look for someone who will meld well with the team, even if that individual doesn’t have experience in the property management industry.

Look for coachability.

Your company vision may evolve, as may the skills necessary to achieve continued success. That’s why it’s important to recruit employees who are coachable. In fact, with the right coaching, someone with a good cultural fit and a willingness to learn can become a valuable asset, even if he or she lacks some of the desired skills right off the bat.

Assess interest level.

Another thing to look for when interviewing potential new employees is their level of interest in the role, your company and the property management industry as a whole. As you ask questions and engage in a discussion about the job, try to gauge the candidate’s level of excitement. The way a prospect follows up can also help you determine who is most interested in the position.

Always be on the lookout.

Even if you’re not currently hiring, you should still be on the lookout for qualified candidates who would be a good fit with your company. With this kind of mindset, you’ll inevitably build and grow a network of ‘A’ players from which to draw whenever the need for talent arises.

What about you? What strategies have you employed to keep your property management company staffed with top-tier employees? Please share your thoughts and advice in the comments section below.

Attracting and Retaining Talent to Grow Your Property Management Company

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