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How to Get More Likes on Your Property Management Facebook Page

How_to_Get_More_Likes_on_Your_Property_Management_Companys_Facebook_Page.jpgDid you know that more than 1 billion people log in to their Facebook accounts every single day? That means chances are very good that the prospects you’re targeting for your property management company are very present on this social network. It also means if you’re not capitalizing on this, you’re losing sales. But having a presence on Facebook, or any social network for that matter, isn’t enough to get positive results. You have to have an audience with whom to interact. If you’ve got a business page set up but are struggling to gain traction, here are some action items you can apply to start turning things around.

Make Your Page Searchable 

Because Facebook is such a popular platform, it naturally ranks higher in the search engines. To take advantage of this, make sure your page is optimized using searchable information like targeted keywords. This will improve the chances of your page being at the top of the list when your prospects search for property management services online. The more traffic you get, the more likes you’ll receive.

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Make it Easy to Connect 

If your prospects and customers have to go out of their way to find your Facebook page, they probably won’t. Make it as easy as possible for them to connect with your brand by including Facebook “like” widgets on your website, in your blog posts, in your email newsletters and anywhere else you interact with your audience.

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Give Them Incentive 

Like it or not, we live in a very “what’s-in-it-for-me” (or WIIFM) society. If you want to increase the number of likes you have on your Facebook page, you have to make it worth your audience’s while. Provide them with exclusive, high-quality content via this social channel, for example, and you’ll start attracting more interest.


You’re probably already using other social networking sites, like Twitter and LinkedIn, right? Why not leverage the following you’ve built on those platforms to cross promote your Facebook page? It’s helpful if you share different content on each channel so that people won’t get bored by seeing the same stuff.

Invite People 

Another simple, yet often overlooked strategy for increasing Facebook likes is the basic act of inviting people to do so. Chances are you’ve already got a sizeable list of contacts, whether they happen to be existing clientele, colleagues, friends and family or even employees of your organization. Extend the invite and encourage all of them to support your brand by liking your page.

Increase Engagement 

Facebook has a complicated secret algorithm by which it displays information, particularly when it comes to business pages. While nobody knows precisely what the formula is, one of the key components is engagement. The more you post and interact with your audience, the more widely your content will be seen, which will naturally lead to an increase in page likes, so get active.

Of course, there’s no magical solution for being successful on social media. What works for one company may not for another, and vice versa. These are just some basic starting points that should at least provide a solid foundation for gaining quality, consistent likes on your Facebook page.

Do you have some tips and tricks that have worked for your property management company? Please share them in the comments below.

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